V Special Series 10: CLAN SELECTION PLUS Vol.2

V Special Series 10 CLAN SELECTION PLUS Vol.2

V Special Series 10: CLAN SELECTION PLUS Vol.2 is the tenth booster set in the special series. Bushiroad has retained classic units from the Limit Break era for this set. V Special Series 10: CLAN SELECTION PLUS Vol.2 includes 36 new cards and 48 reprints for a total of 84 cards. Each booster box contains 12 booster packs.

In addition, Bushiroad reprinted 48 cards in V Special Series 10: CLAN SELECTION PLUS Vol.2. You have most of the cards for a new deck. These reprints have synergy with the new cards in this special set. Every clan also receive a reprint of its perfect guard.

Release Date: April 2nd, 2021

  • The set contains a total of 84 cards.
  • 36 new Cards
  • 48 Reprints
  • Each clan receives 7 cards (3 new and 4 reprints).
  • Each display includes a Quick Shield with a random clan symbol.
  • Aqua Force
  • Bermuda Triangle
  • Dimension Police
  • Great Nature
  • Kagero
  • Nova Grappler
  • Nubatama
  • Pale Moon
  • Royal Paladin
Aqua Force:

The Aqua Force has new units to strengthen their strategy of multiple attacks. The apostle Blue Wave Marshal, Valeos returns to Cardfight!! Vanguard! He brings a unique style to Aqua Force. Blue Wave Marshal, Valeos lacks an Imaginary Gift, but his abilities make up for the lack of a gift. He weakens the opponent’s defense and unleashes a wave of attacks from his comrades.

In addition, Bushiroad reprinted Blue Wave Marine General, Galleass. He is a fantastic card to play alongside Blue Wave Marshal, Valeos. These card complement each other. You gain an additional attack from Blue Wave Marine General, Galleass’s ability.

Bermuda Triangle:

Bermuda Triangle receives a new grade 4 unit, Legendary PR♥ISM-Duo, Nectaria. She is a strong card for PR♥ISM and Duo in both formats. Her strategy is binding a copy of herself. Legendary PR♥ISM-Duo, Nectaria gains 10,000 power, an additional critical, and triple drive!

V Special Series 10: CLAN SELECTION PLUS Vol.2 includes a reprint of Equable Career, Spiana. This card is a useful rear-guard for counter charging damage. You have resources to pay the cost of your abilities. Equable Career, Spiana truly shines in a deck without grade 4 cards, and the deck’s bosses are grade 3 units.

Dimension Police:

V Special Series 10: CLAN SELECTION PLUS Vol.2 brings the evildoers from the Star Gate. Galactic Beast, Zeal leads his army of aliens to the V-Standard Format! Galactic Beast Zeal is a unique vanguard with the ability to lower the opponent’s vanguard’s power. Your attacks put a lot of pressure on the opponent with a weaken vanguard.

Platinum Ace is the best reprint for Dimension Police in V Special Series 10: CLAN SELECTION PLUS Vol.2. Platinum Ace is a complementary piece in a deck with Dimensional Robos. You can easily activate its second skill for an amazing advantage on offense. Platinum Ace gains 10,000 power and a critical if your vanguard’s power is 30,000 or greater.

Great Nature:

Hammsuke’s Rival, Jumbo Crayon Hammyan is Great Nature’s signature card from V Special Series 10: CLAN SELECTION PLUS Vol.2. This card is powerful abilities such as superior calling units and superior riding Pencil Hero, Hammsuke after battle. These cards have fantastic synergy and will fill your board with many Accel circles.

In addition, Pencil Hero, Hammsuke is an important reprint for Hammsuke. You need this card for the deck’s strategy. Pencil Hero, Hammsuke creates an additional Imaginary Gift: Accel with his ability. The deck swings many attacks from its front row due to its additional circles.


Kagero has impressive cards in V Special Series 10: CLAN SELECTION PLUS Vol.2. Dauntless Drive Dragon is Kagero’s signature card for this special booster set. This unit is a generic card that you can play a variety of decks. Dauntless Drive Dragon adds power to a rear-guard. He also stands after battle for a second battle.

Furthermore, Bushiroad recreates the Limit Break from the original Dauntless Drive Dragon. The new version of Dauntless Drive Dragon gives his second ability to a card that rides on top of him. Therefore, the new vanguard has the ability to stand after battle for a second attack.

Kagero’s most notable reprint from V Special Series 10: CLAN SELECTION PLUS Vol.2 is Flame of Hope, Aermo. This card is a fantastic rear-guard for decks in the V-Standard Format and Premium Format. Flame of Hope Aermo counter charges damage for you can consistently activate abilities.

Nova Grappler:

Beast Deity, Ethics Buster was a popular unit in the format with Break Ride. Bushiroad recreated the card with powerful abilities for an amazing offense. Beast Deity, Ethics Buster can attack two to three times in a single turn. His ability allows him to attack an opponent after you ride him. Furthermore, he can stand after the battle if the attack does not hit the opponent.

in addition, Beast Deity, Ethics Buster has amazing support for the deck’s strategy. Beast Deity, Lift Tauros complements Beast Deity, Ethics Buster. Tauros stands a unit on your field. You may stand Beast Deity, Ethics Buster for another attack from your vanguard.


The ninjas from Nubatama have a new defensive card. Evil Stealth Dragon Tasogare, Hanzo is a unique card with an offensive and defensive ability. Evil Stealth Dragon Tasogare, Hanzo provides new support for Evil Stealth Dragon Akatsuki, Hanzo. You may superior ride this new card and gain an Imaginary Gift: Protect. In addition, Evil Stealth Dragon Akatsuki, Hanzo superior calls itself from the soul.

Evil Stealth Dragon, Zangetsu is a fantastic reprint. This unit superior calls an evil decoy token to the field. This ability supports both versions of Hanzo.

Pale Moon:

The Nightmare Dolls of Pale Moon receive a new vanguard with amazing abilities in Nightmare Doll, Chelsea. This new grade 3 unit elevates the archetype in the V-Standard Format. Nightmare Doll, Chelsea and her supporting cast create a strong offense. Nightmare Doll, Chelsea uses the soul to enable multiple attacks in the battle phase.

Furthermore V Special Series 10: CLAN SELECTION PLUS Vol.2 includes many fantastic reprints for Pale Moon. Nightmare Doll, Alice is an amazing reprint. Nightmare Doll, Alice strengthens Pale Moon’s strategy to use the soul for additional attacks.

Royal Paladin:

Jewel Knights are back in Cardfight!! Vanguard V! Their strategy is creating multiple attacks to overwhelm opponents. Pure Heart Jewel Knight, Ashlei is the star of the deck. Her ability superior calls new rear-guards on the field during the battle phase.

Furthermore, V Special Series 10: CLAN SELECTION PLUS Vol.2 includes a reprint of Little Sage Marron. This card is a fantastic reprint. Many decks of Royal Paladin have synergy with Little Sage Marron. The ability of Little Sage Marron allows you to draw a card and maintain your hand’s size.

Card List:
Card No.NameGradeClanTypeRarity
V-SS10/001Pure Heart Jewel Knight, Ashlei3Royal PaladinForceRRR+SP
V-SS10/002Explode Jewel Knight, Laile2Royal PaladinRRR
V-SS10/003Charging Jewel Knight, Morvidus1Royal PaladinRRR
V-SS10/004Diaconnect Dragon2Royal PaladinRRR
V-SS10/005Little Sage, Marron1Royal PaladinRRR
V-SS10/006Flourishing Knight, Edith1Royal PaladinRRR
V-SS10/007Flash Shield, Iseult0Royal PaladinDraw/Perfect GuardRRR
V-SS10/008Battle Sister, Fromage3Oracle Think TankProtectRRR+SP
V-SS10/009Battle Sister, Trifle2Oracle Think TankRRR
V-SS10/010Battle Sister, Torrijas1Oracle Think TankRRR
V-SS10/011Battle Sister, Chouquette2Oracle Think TankRRR
V-SS10/012Battle Sister, Cassata1Oracle Think TankRRR
V-SS10/013Battle Sister, Panettone1Oracle Think TankRRR
V-SS10/014Weather Forecaster, Miss Mist0Oracle Think TankDraw/Perfect GuardRRR
V-SS10/015Regalia of Wisdom, Angelica 3GenesisRRR+SP
V-SS10/016Demon Exorcism Regalia, Thrud2GenesisRRR
V-SS10/017Oblation Regalia, Var1GenesisRRR
V-SS10/018Witch of Frogs, Melissa1GenesisRRR
V-SS10/019Dikei of the Just Path1GenesisRRR
V-SS10/020White Brush Witch, Artic1GenesisRRR
V-SS10/021Goddess of Self-sacrifice, Kushinada0GenesisDraw/Perfect GuardRRR
V-SS10/022Dauntless Drive Dragon3KageroRRR+SP
V-SS10/023Break Breath Dragon2KageroRRR
V-SS10/024Dragon Knight, Hishat1KageroRRR
V-SS10/025Burnrise Dragon2KageroRRR
V-SS10/026Calamity Tower Wyvern1KageroRRR
V-SS10/027Flame of Hope, Aermo1KageroRRR
V-SS10/028Wyvern Guard, Barri0KageroDraw/Perfect GuardRRR
V-SS10/029Evil Stealth Dragon Tasogare, Hanzo3NubatamaProtectRRR+SP
V-SS10/030Evil Stealth Dragon, Yamishibuki2NubatamaRRR
V-SS10/031Evil Stealth Dragon, Kagesarashi1NubatamaRRR
V-SS10/032Evil Stealth Dragon, Zangetsu2NubatamaRRR
V-SS10/033Evil Stealth Dragon, Kurogiri1NubatamaRRR
V-SS10/034Stealth Rogue of the Night, Sakurafubuki1NubatamaRRR
V-SS10/035Stealth Beast, Mijingakure0NubatamaDraw/Perfect GuardRRR
V-SS10/036Beast Deity, Ethics Buster3Nova GrapplerAccelRRR+SP
V-SS10/037Beast Deity, Typhoon Bird2Nova GrapplerRRR
V-SS10/038Beast Deity, Lift Tauros1Nova GrapplerRRR
V-SS10/039Ultra Beast Deity, Illuminal Dragon3Nova GrapplerAccelRRR
V-SS10/040Beast Deity, Scarlet Bird1Nova GrapplerRRR
V-SS10/041Beast Deity, Glanz Dragon1Nova GrapplerRRR
V-SS10/042Twin Blader0Nova GrapplerDraw/Perfect GuardRRR
V-SS10/043Galactic Beast, Zeal3Dimension PoliceForceRRR+SP
V-SS10/044Devourer of Planets, Zeal2Dimension PoliceRRR
V-SS10/045Eye of Destruction, Zeal1Dimension PoliceRRR
V-SS10/046Platinum Ace2Dimension PoliceRRR
V-SS10/047Twin Order1Dimension PoliceRRR
V-SS10/048Magical Police Quilt1Dimension PoliceRRR
V-SS10/049Diamond Ace0Dimension PoliceDraw/Perfect GuardRRR
V-SS10/050Demonic Lord, Dudley Lucifer3Spike BrothersForceRRR+SP
V-SS10/051Dudley Davie2Spike BrothersRRR
V-SS10/052Dudley William1Spike BrothersRRR
V-SS10/053Highspeed, Brakki2Spike BrothersRRR
V-SS10/054Commander, Garry Gannon1Spike BrothersRRR
V-SS10/055Wonder Boy1Spike BrothersRRR
V-SS10/056Cheer Girl, Marilyn0Spike BrothersDraw/Perfect Guard RRR
V-SS10/057Nightmare Doll, Chelsea3Pale MoonAccelRRR+SP
V-SS10/058Nightmare Doll, Marissa2Pale MoonRRR
V-SS10/059Nightmare Doll, Abigail1Pale MoonRRR
V-SS10/060Nightmare Doll, Alice3Pale MoonAccelRRR
V-SS10/061Nightmare Doll, Carroll3Pale MoonAccelRRR
V-SS10/062Amaranth Beast Tamer2Pale MoonRRR
V-SS10/063Hades Hypnotist0Pale MoonDraw/Perfect GuardRRR
V-SS10/064Legendary PR♥ISM-Duo, Nectaria4Bermuda TriangleForceRRR+SP
V-SS10/065Noir Fixer, Hilda2Bermuda TriangleRRR
V-SS10/066Ingenuous, Mernil1Bermuda TriangleRRR
V-SS10/067Masterly Cover, Minne2Bermuda TriangleRRR
V-SS10/068Equable Career, Spiana1Bermuda TriangleRRR
V-SS10/069Rainy Tear, Stezza1Bermuda TriangleRRR
V-SS10/070Glittery Baby, Lene0Bermuda TriangleDraw/Perfect GuardRRR
V-SS10/071Blue Wave Marshal, Valeos3Aqua ForceRRR+SP
V-SS10/072Blue Wave Marine General, Galliot2Aqua ForceRRR
V-SS10/073Blue Wave Soldier Senior, Corvette1Aqua ForceRRR
V-SS10/074Coral Assault2Aqua ForceRRR
V-SS10/075Blue Wave Marine General, Galleass2Aqua ForceRRR
V-SS10/076Battle Siren, Dolcia1Aqua ForceRRR
V-SS10/077Emerald Shield, Paschal0Aqua ForceRRR
V-SS10/078Hammsuke's Rival, Jumbo Crayon Hammyan3Great NatureAccelRRR+SP
V-SS10/079Hammsuke's Rival, Nail Pencil Hammgoro2Great NatureRRR
V-SS10/080Hammsuke's Teacher, Dip Pencil Hammyuki1Great NatureRRR
V-SS10/081Pencil Hero, HammsukeGreat NatureAccelRRR
V-SS10/082Pencil Knight, Hammsuke2Great NatureRRR
V-SS10/083Pencil Squire, Hammsuke1Great NatureRRR
V-SS10/084Cable Sheep0Great NatureDraw/Perfect GuardRRR
V-SS10/ASR01Majesty Lord Blaster3Royal PaladinForceASR

V Special Series 10: CLAN SELECTION PLUS Vol.2 is a fantastic booster set. It contains new versions of popular cards from the Limit Break era. Jewel Knights, Duo, and Nightmare Dolls receive fantastic new cards. You can create new decks with the new units from V Special Series 10: CLAN SELECTION PLUS Vol.2!

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