V Special Series 04: V CLAN COLLECTION Vol.4

V Special Series 04: V CLAN COLLECTION Vol.4 is the fourth booster set in the V Special Series. This booster set features new support for many clans. It also has 36 new cards and 48 reprints for a total of 84 cards.

In addition, V Special Series 04: V CLAN COLLECTION Vol.4 features new versions of “Яeverse” units. These classic units from Cardfight!! Vanguard: Link Joker have new abilities. They are legal cards for the V-Premium and Premium formats.

  • Booster set includes 84 cards.
  • 36 new cards and 48 reprints
  • Angel Feather
  • Dark Irregulars
  • Gear Chronicle
  • Gold Paladin
  • Granblue
  • Great Nature
  • Link Joker
  • Neo Nectar
  • Nova Grappler
  • Nubatama
  • Shadow Paladin
  • Tachikaze

Angel Feather

Cleanup Celestial, Ramiel “Яeverse” wrecks havoc on the field. This card puts opponent’s in a tight situation. Cleanup Celestial, Ramiel “Яeverse” forces the opponent to counter blast two cards or defend their vanguard with the same number of cards as amount of cards in your damage zone. It is a situation to pick your poison, and both options force the opponent to lose key resources.

An effective card for offense is Shake Patch Angel. She adds offensive power to your field. Shake Patch Angel gains 3,000 power for every card in your damage zone. Therefore, she becomes stronger throughout the game. Shake Patch Angel gains 15,000 power with five cards in your damage zone and her total power becomes 24,000.

Dark Irregulars

Dark Irregulars receives many classic units with new abilities and strong reprints. Amon is finally back in the game. The first archetype of Dark Irregulars provide major upgrades for the premium format.

Demon World Marquis, Amon is a classic unit from the early days of Cardfight!! Vanguard. Demon World Marquis, Amon has a unique ability. His player and the opponent soul charge six cards. It is a unique method for removing the opponent’s resources. The opponent loses cards from his or her hand, field, and drop zone. This ability counters many clans such as Aqua Force, Nova Grappler, and Narukami.

In addition, Metallic-winged Cursed Princess, Rhodia is one of the best reprints in V Special Series 04: V CLAN COLLECTION Vol.4. This beautiful unit provides offense and defense. Metallic-winged Cursed Princess, Rhodia gains 1,000 power for every card in your soul. This ability complements Demon World Marquis, Amon.

Gear Chronicle

Gear Chronicle gets new support for its Steam Maidens. Steam Maiden, Elul is a new version of the original card. She has cool artwork and unique abilities. Steam Maiden, Elul uses the bind zone to superior call units and gain 3,000 power for each card in your bind zone. She is a very fun card to build a deck around her style.

Furthermore, Re-innovate Wing Dragon is an awesome reprint for Gear Chronicle. Re-innovate Wing Dragon provides excellent support for Steam Maiden, Elul. This unit binds three cards and superior calls two cards from the top of the deck. This unit’s ability increases the power of Steam Maiden, Elul because it binds three cards with a single ability.

Gold Paladin

Salvation Lion, Grand Ezel Scissors is an epic card from the original era of Cardfight!! Vanguard. He is the first unit with the ability to unlock units. Therefore, he counters Link Joker. The new Salvation Lion, Grand Ezel Scissors gains the abilities of every Ezel in the soul and unlocks your locked rear-guards.

Flame Wind Lion, Wonder Ezel is one of the best reprints in V Special Series 04: V CLAN COLLECTION Vol.4. Flame Wind Lion, Wonder Ezel complements Salvation Lion, Grand Ezel Scissors. This grade 2 unit sets up the deck’s strategy. You can ride Incandescent Lion, Blond Ezel early in your match.


Ice Prison Hades Emperor, Cocytus “Яeverse” leads the undead pirates of Granblue to a dark path. This unique vanguard has an offensive skill and defensive skill. Ice Prison Hades Emperor, Cocytus “Яeverse” superior rides itself from the drop zone and this is a great ability to play a card from the drop zone. Granblue often miles cards to the drop zone. You always have access to Ice Prison Hades Emperor, Cocytus “Яeverse”.

In addition, Ice Prison Hades Emperor, Cocytus “Яeverse” has a strong defense. This unit increases his power by 10,000 for every ten cards in the drop zone. You can easily create an strong wall of defense. It is a useful ability if you do not have a perfect guard in your hand.

Dragon Undead, Ghoul Dragon is a useful unit for Granblue. It solves the clan’s issue of losing due to an empty deck. Dragon Undead, Ghoul Dragon returns six normal units from your bind zone to the deck. You regain key units for the game.

Great Nature:

Battler of the Twin Brush, Polaris is a unique grade 3 card. This unit stands a rear-guard if it has at least 50,000 power and himself if the rear-guard has at least 70,000 power. Battler of the Twin Brush, Polaris has glorious offense and he puts a lot of pressure on an opponent. An opponent would need a perfect guard in many situations to successfully block these attacks.

A great reprint for Great Nature in V Special Series 04: V CLAN COLLECTION Vol.4 is Coiling Duckbill. The card’s resourcefulness adds value to it. The card’s abilities add depth to clan’s strategy. You may add it to your hand if you mill it to the deck due to an ability.

Link Joker

Star-vader, Nebula Lord Dragon is the signature card for Link Joker in V Special Series 04: V CLAN COLLECTION Vol.4. It is a good redesign with strong effects with stellar offense. Link Joker is known for its defensive strategy. Star-vader, Nebula Lord Dragon rewards you for good play with his effect that adds 5,000 power to each your Star-vaders for each of your opponent’s locked cards.

In addition, Opener of Dark Gates is an awesome reprint for Link Joker. It is an effective card for Star-vaders and Messiah. Opener of Dark Gates superior calls one of the two top cards of the deck. You gain an advantage from this ability because you save cards in your hand and you quickly gain access to another rear-guard.

Neo Nectar:

Thorn Lily Musketeer, Cecilia “Яeverse” enables mutliple attacks from your rear-guards and superior rides a grade 3 unit in the same turn. She constantly pressures the opponent when she arrives on the field. You have two attacks from a vanguard in a single turn.

Furthermore, you may superior ride a copy of Thorn Lily Musketeer, Cecilia “Яeverse” with her second ability. This strategy allows you to create another Force marker and a new set of drive checks with your new vanguard. You may also activate the second ability for a second time because it is not limited to one card with the sane name in a turn.

Nova Grappler:

Nova Grappler does not have the best highlight among the other clans in V Special Series 04: V CLAN COLLECTION Vol.4. Deadliest Beast Deity, Ethics Buster “Яeverse” is a major letdown with bad abilities. This unit locks your rear-guards when they attack, and this ability locks those rear-guards without completing the process to hit the opponent. This strategy counteracts Nova Grappler’s strategy for multiple attacks from all units.

Beast Deity, Eclair Dragon is a good note for Nova Grappler in this booster set. It is a fantastic reprint for the clan. Beast Deity, Eclair Dragon may attack the opponent during the main phase when you call it and it can attack the opponent in the battle phase if you are able to stand it.


Covert Demonic Dragon, Magatsu Storm “Яeverse” is a unique Яeverse unit. You do not want to ride this unit to be your vanguard. The abilities of Covert Demonic Dragon, Magatsu Storm “Яeverse” activate their effects when he is a rear-guard. This unit performs drive checks on a rear-guard circle.

In addition, Covert Demonic Dragon, Magatsu Storm “Яeverse” punishes opponents for retiring him. You do not lose access to this card. This card returns to your hand and the opponent must discard a card. It is a sneaky ability that will catch some players off guard.

Shadow Paladin

Many fans wondered what Ren’s Яeverse unit would be after Kai defeated him in Cardfight!! Vanguard: Link Joker. Bushiroad has finally answered our question. Revenger, Raging Fall Dragon “Яeverse” is the Яeverse unit for Revenger, Raging Form Dragon!

Raging Fall Dragon “Яeverse” is a vanguard with the ability to attack twice in a single turn. He puts a lot of pressure on the opponent. You have two sets of twin drive with four opportunities for triggers.

Furthermore, Revenger, Raging Fall Dragon “Яeverse” combines the tactics of Link Joker and Shadow Paladin in his abilities. He locks your units to give power to your rear-guards. This ability sets up his ability to stand after battle.


Military Dragon is an old archetype from Tachikaze. Military Dragon receives new versions of their original cards. This archetype provides an additional style for equip gauge. Military Dragon unleashes multiple attacks from your vanguard and rear-guards.

Military Dragon, Raptor Colonel is an extreme vanguard with pure offense. This unit gains 5,000 power when you retire units for its ability and this unit stands itself for an additional battle. You put a lot of pressure on the opponent with this fierce offense. Military Dragon, Raptor Colonel maintains its twin drive for a total of four drive checks in the turn.

In addition, Military Dragon, Raptor Captain provides consistency and offense to the archetype. It is a key piece of the deck’s strategy. Military Dragon, Raptor Captain searches the deck for two cards with Military Dragon in their names. It also superior calls itself to a rear-guard circle when you retire it with your card’s ability.

Card List:

Card No.NameGradeClanTypeRarity
D-VS04/001Cleanup Celestial, Ramiel "Яeverse"3Angel FeatherProtectRRR+SP
D-VS04/002Emergency Celestial, Danielle2Angel FeatherRRR
D-VS04/003Nursing Celestial, Narelle1Angel FeatherRRR
D-VS04/004Bosker Surgeon, Asphael3Angel FeatherProtectRRR
D-VS04/005Shake Patch Angel2Angel FeatherRRR
D-VS04/006Black Mapping, Salaphiel2Angel FeatherRRR
D-VS04/007Black Spark, Munkar0Angel FeatherCritical/
D-VS04/008Revenger, Raging Fall Dragon "Яeverse"3Shadow PaladinForceRRR+SP+VSR
D-VS04/009Overcoming Revenger, Rukea2Shadow PaladinRRR
D-VS04/010Self-Control Revenger, Rakia1Shadow PaladinRRR
D-VS04/011Fallen Dive Eagle2Shadow PaladinRRR
D-VS04/012Abyssal Owl1Shadow PaladinRRR
D-VS04/013Strict Order Knight, Liuails1Shadow PaladinRRR
D-VS04/014Belial Owl0Shadow PaladinRRR
D-VS04/015Salvation Lion, Grand Ezel Scissors3Gold PaladinAccelRRR+SP+VSR
D-VS04/016Knight of Passion, Bagdemagus2Gold PaladinRRR
D-VS04/017Sacred Twin Beast, White Lion1Gold PaladinRRR
D-VS04/018Battlefield Storm, Sagramore3Gold PaladinAccelRRR
D-VS04/019Flame Wind Lion, Wonder Ezel2Gold PaladinRRR
D-VS04/020Crimson Lion Beast, Howell1Gold PaladinRRR
D-VS04/021Scarface Lion0Gold PaladinCritical/
D-VS04/022Covert Demonic Dragon, Magatsu Storm "Яeverse"3NubatamaProtectRRR+SP
D-VS04/023Stealth Dragon, Royale Nova2NubatamaRRR
D-VS04/024Stealth Dragon, Unen1NubatamaRRR
D-VS04/025Stealth Dragon, Magatsu Gale2NubatamaRRR
D-VS04/026Stealth Beast, Jadouneko1NubatamaRRR
D-VS04/027Stealth Dragon, Magatsu Breath1NubatamaRRR
D-VS04/028Stealth Dragon, Noroi0NubatamaCritical/
D-VS04/029Military Dragon, Raptor Colonel3TachikazeAccelRRR+SP
D-VS04/030Military Dragon, Raptor Captain2TachikazeRRR
D-VS04/031Military Dragon, Raptor Sergeant1TachikazeRRR
D-VS04/032Zealous Horn Dragon, Dilophopyro2TachikazeRRR
D-VS04/033Light Blade Dragon, Zandilopho1TachikazeRRR
D-VS04/034Vicious Claw Dragon, Laceraterex1TachikazeRRR
D-VS04/035Cannon Fire Dragon, Parasaulauncher0TachikazeCritical/
D-VS04/036Deadliest Beast Deity, Ethics Buster "Яeverse"3Nova GrapplerAccelRRR+SP
D-VS04/037Beast Deity, Brainy Papio2Nova GrapplerRRR
D-VS04/038Beast Deity, Max Beat1Nova GrapplerRRR
D-VS04/039Beast Deity, Eclair Dragon2Nova GrapplerRRR
D-VS04/040Beast Deity, Black Tortoise2Nova GrapplerRRR
D-VS04/041Swordbrand Gladiator1Nova GrapplerRRR
D-VS04/042Extreme Battler, Break-pass0Nova GrapplerCritical/
D-VS04/043Star-vader, Nebula Lord Dragon3Link JokerForceRRR+SP
D-VS04/044Unrivaled Star-vader, Radon2Link JokerRRR
D-VS04/045Mana Shot Star-vader, Neon1Link JokerRRR
D-VS04/046Singularity Sniper2Link JokerRRR
D-VS04/047Aharonov Cat1Link JokerRRR
D-VS04/048Opener of Dark Gates1Link JokerRRR
D-VS04/049Blink Messiah0Link JokerCritical/
D-VS04/050Demon World Marquis, Amon3Dark IrregularsProtectRRR+SP
D-VS04/051Amon's Follower, Ron Geenlin 2Dark IrregularsRRR
D-VS04/052Amon's Follower, Phu Geenlin1Dark IrregularsRRR
D-VS04/053Metallic-winged Cursed Princess, Rhodia2Dark IrregularsRRR
D-VS04/054Dimension Creeper1Dark IrregularsRRR
D-VS04/055Doreen the Thruster1Dark IrregularsRRR
D-VS04/056One-eyed Succubus0Dark IrregularsCritical/
D-VS04/057Steam Maiden, Elul3Gear ChronicleForceRRR+SP
D-VS04/058Steam Maiden, Aluru2Gear ChronicleRRR
D-VS04/059Steam Maiden, Iluru1Gear ChronicleRRR
D-VS04/060Mellow Amusements Colossus3Gear ChronicleRRR
D-VS04/061Re-innovate Wing Dragon3Gear ChronicleForceRRR
D-VS04/062Steam Scalar, Kurunta2Gear ChronicleRRR
D-VS04/063Heart Thump Worker0Gear ChronicleCritical/
D-VS04/064Ice Prison Hades Emperor, Cocytus "Яeverse"3GranblueProtectRRR+SP
D-VS04/065Witch Doctor of the Dead Sea, Negrobolt3GranblueProtectRRR
D-VS04/066Dragon Undead, Ghoul Dragon2GranblueRRR
D-VS04/067Stormride Ghost Ship2GranblueRRR
D-VS04/068Skeleton Sea Navigator1GranblueRRR
D-VS04/069Dancing Cutlass1GranblueRRR
D-VS04/070Rampage Shade0GranblueCritical/
D-VS04/071Battler of the Twin Brush, Polaris3Great NatureAccelRRR+SP
D-VS04/072Guardian of Truth, Lox3Great NatureAccelRRR
D-VS04/073Coiling Duckbill1Great NatureRRR
D-VS04/074Ambers Triangular3Great NatureAccelRRR
D-VS04/075Veteran Janitor, Siga1Great NatureRRR
D-VS04/076History Scholar, Bushboeckh1Great NatureRRR
D-VS04/077Application Researcher, Ponbelly0Great NatureCritical/
D-VS04/078Thorn Lily Musketeer, Cecilia "Яeverse"3Neo NectarForceRRR+SP+VSR
D-VS04/079Deep Green Lord, Master Wisteria3Neo NectarForceRRR
D-VS04/080Cherry Blossom Musketeer, Augusto2Neo NectarRRR
D-VS04/081Pansy Musketeer, Sylvia2Neo NectarRRR
D-VS04/082Anthurium Musketeer, Gastone 1Neo NectarRRR
D-VS04/083Maiden of Sweet Berry1Neo NectarRRR
D-VS04/084Flower Garden Maiden, Mylis0Neo NectarCritical/

V Special Series 04: V CLAN COLLECTION Vol.4 marks the return of many classic units. Bushiroad developed strong cards for every clan except Nova Grapplers. I recommend many of these new cards for your decks. You can update decks such as Ezel, Musketeers, and Revengers

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