V Special Series 03: V CLAN COLLECTION Vol.3

V Special Series 03 V CLAN COLLECTION Vol.3

V Special Series 03: V CLAN COLLECTION Vol.3 is the third booster set in the V Special Series for the Japanese and English editions of Cardfight!! Vanguard. This booster features the return of the Яeverse. V Special Series 03: V CLAN COLLECTION Vol.3 includes 36 new cards and 48 reprints.

Furthermore, V Special Series 03: V CLAN COLLECTION Vol.3 features new versions of Яeverse units. They feature new abilities and artwork. Some units are receiving their first versions of themselves in Яeverse under Link Joker’s evil influence from the Void.

Release Date: March 4th, 2022

  • The set features 84 cards (84 RRR) + 15 Parallel cards (3 VSR, 12 SP)
  • 36 new cards and 48 reprints
  • Aqua Force
  • Bermuda Triangle
  • Dimension Police
  • Genesis
  • Kagero
  • Megacolony
  • Murakumo
  • Narukami
  • Oracle Think Tank
  • Pale Moon
  • Royal Paladin
  • Spike Brothers

Aqua Force:

Bushiroad has finally made amazing support for Aqua Force in V Special Series 03: V CLAN COLLECTION Vol.3. Blue Storm Karma Dragon, Maelstrom “Яeverse” is one of the best cards for Aqua Force in the V-Premium format. This unit generates a lot of power and retires the opponent’s units. It gains its abilities from the opponent’s successful defense.

Therefore, Blue Storm Karma Dragon, Maelstrom “Яeverse” puts opponents in negative situations. An opponent may successfully block an attack. You will retire their rear-guards. Blue Storm Karma Dragon, Maelstrom “Яeverse” gains 10,000 power, an extra critical, and a drive check for triple drive.

Tear Knight, Valeria is also a fantastic card from V Special Series 03: V CLAN COLLECTION Vol.3. She retires an opponent’s vanguard and allows you to draw a card. Aqua Force does not have many units with the ability to draw a card. Tear Knight, Valeria helps you to build your resources with a strong hand.

Bermuda Triangle:

Bushiroad created unique support with the ability to superior ride a vanguard for Bermuda Triangle. Detonate Singer, Refiarade “Rock” is the clan’s signature card in V Special Series 03: V CLAN COLLECTION Vol.3. Detonate Singer, Refiarade “Rock” superior rides herself from the hand and gathers all of your force markers on the vanguard’s circle.

Therefore, Bermuda Triangle has multiple attacks from a vanguard in a single turn. Your Single Quiet, Refiarade and a rear-guard are your first attackers in a turn. Then, Detonate Singer, Refiarade “Rock” superior rides herself for the epic finisher.

Mermaid Idol, Elly is one of my favorite reprints in V Special Series 03: V CLAN COLLECTION Vol.3. Mermaid Idol, Elly gains 10,000 shield form her ability. Her total shield is an impressive 20,000 on the level of a heal trigger. Cards with defensive abilities are useful units. They enhance your deck’s defense.

Dimension Police:

Bushiroad reintroduces Original Saver, Zero for the V-Series! The new version of Original Saver Zero only focuses on a strong offense. It decreases the power of opponent’s vanguard to zero. It enables a turn of strong offense due to your opponent’s weaken vanguard.

Dimensional Robo, Daibrave is one of the best reprints in V Special Series 03: V CLAN COLLECTION Vol.3. It adds 5,000 power to the vanguard. It effects enables the strategies of Dimensional Robos. The archetype’s strategy is having a strong vanguard with a lot of power to gain additional effects.


We now have a an evil version of Himiko in Demise Queen, Himiko “Яeverse”. Demise Queen, Himiko “Яeverse” is a defensive vanguard. It has the unique ability to activate trigger effects from the soul when the opponent attacks her. You can activate a draw trigger to add 10,000 power to Demise Queen, Himiko “Яeverse” and draw a card.

V Special Series 03: V CLAN COLLECTION Vol.3 features a new version of Sunlight Goddess, Yatagarasu. She has powerful abilities and her strategy relies on the soul.  Sunlight Goddess, Yatagarasu increases the power of rear-guards and enables multiple attacks. She also allows you to draw a card. Sunlight Goddess, Yatagarasu offers a strong combination of offense and resources.

Furthermore, Sunlight Goddess, Yatagarasu has a defensive ability. Her ability adds 10,000 shield to your unit on the guardian circle. It is a unique skill for defense. You can add 10,000 shield to any unit on the guardian circle, and it gives an edge to block powerful attacks.


Dauntless Dominate Dragon “Яeverse” is a unit with a unique design. This vanguard gains drive checks and 10,000 power during battle at the cost of locking a normal unit from your drive check. The ability is complements the deck’s style with Dauntless Drive Dragon using normal units during its drive check.

In addition, Dauntless Dominate Dragon “Яeverse” retires the opponent’s units and destroys their markers if the opponent does not require at least two rear-guards. It is a strong ability against decks that return their rear-guards to the deck or soul. Dauntless Dominate Dragon “Яeverse” perfectly counters Pale Moon.

A unique card from V Special Series 03: V CLAN COLLECTION Vol.3 is Dragonic Lawkeeper. This card is a defensive vanguard. Dragonic Lawkeeper binds the opponent’s rear-guards until the end of the turn. This ability is a huge advantage on defense because the opponent loses a lot of offense with this effect binding his or her rear-guards.


Cards with offense and defense have tremendous value in card games. Martial Arts Mutant, Master Beetle has that particular combination. Martial Arts Mutant, Master Beetle does not allow two of the opponent’s rear-guards to stand next turn and gains their powers. The additional power can add 20,000 power to him.

Furthermore, Martial Arts Mutant, Master Beetle has the potential to have six drive checks. You have a great opportunity to gain effects from triggers. You could spell defeat for the opponent if you break his or her defense with critical triggers.

Machining Cybister is an awesome reprint for Megacolony. This resourceful card superior calls the top card of the deck. It is a useful ability for filling your field with rear-guards.


Covert Demonic Dragon, Hyakki Vogue “Яeverse” is a technical card and he requires skill. This unit has a strong combo with Covert Demonic Dragon, Hyakki Vogue. These cards have a beautiful synergy of offense. Covert Demonic Dragon, Hyakki Vogue “Яeverse” superior calls any number of cards with the same name and you lock the same number of cards.

Therefore, Covert Demonic Dragon, Hyakki Vogue “Яeverse” may lock one card to superior call one copy of Covert Demonic Dragon, Hyakki Vogue. Then, the glorious offense shows itself. Covert Demonic Dragon, Hyakki Vogue adds 10,000 power to himself and Covert Demonic Dragon, Hyakki Vogue “Яeverse.

Stealth Rogue of Indignation, Meomaru is a nice reprint for Murakumo. This unit adds 5,000 power to units with the same name as your vanguard. This ability makes him to be a good fit with Covert Demonic Dragon, Hyakki Vogue “Яeverse”.


A unique card in V Special Series 03: V CLAN COLLECTION Vol.3 is Sealed Demon Dragon, Dungaree. This card requires you to bind your units to maintain this vanguard’s stats and gain its positive effects. This unit forces the opponent to bind a card from his or her hand, and this tactic weakens the opponent’s defense.

Furthermore, Sealed Demon Dragon, Dungaree as the highest level of power for a grade 3 unit at this point in time. Sealed Demon Dragon, Dungaree has an amazing 17,000 power. It is a great stat for defense and offense. Most units without a boost cannot hit Sealed Demon Dragon, Dungaree.

Exorcist Mage, Ren Ren is a key card for decks with Sealed Demon Dragon, Dungaree. You need to play cards with the ability to bind cards. Exorcist Mage, Ren Ren binds the top card of your deck. This ability is a consistent skill because you may activate Exorcist Mage, Ren Ren’s second ability once per turn.

Oracle Think Tank:

The new Witches in V Special Series 03: V CLAN COLLECTION Vol.3 provide great support to Wistaria Witch, ZoZo. The new cards for the archetype are Benitoite Witch, YoYo, Citrine Witch, MuMu, Cobalt Witch, PuPu, and Jade Witch, TeTe, These units use the Imaginary Gift:Protect and sentinels for their abilities.

Furthermore, Benitoite Witch, YoYo is an amazing vanguard for Witches. This new vanguard enables multiple attacks from vanguards in a turn and gives an Imaginary Gift:Protect to you. Benitoite Witch, YoYo’s best ability is superior riding a grade 3 unit with Witch in its name from your hand after she or another Witch for your vanguard attacks the opponent.

Pale Moon:

Beauty and skills are a dynamic combination. Bushiroad put these traits in the new Silver Thorn Dragon Queen, Luquier “Яeverse”! This card’s beauty will want you to own it and she has amazing abilities.

Silver Thorn Dragon Queen, Luquier “Яeverse” has the ability to superior ride herself from the soul and create an accel marker. In addition, Silver Thorn Dragon Queen, Luquier “Яeverse” gains 3,000 power for each locked card during both players’ turns. This second ability provides defense against Link Joker.

A nice reprint for Pale Moon is Silver Thorn Beast Tamer, Doriane. This efficient card sets up your combos and protects units from the opponent. Silver Thorn Beast Tamer, Doriane sends your rear-guards to the soul, and this protects them from the opponent. You draw two cards from this ability and you may return these units to the field with the ability of Silver Thorn Dragon Queen, Luquier “Яeverse”.

Royal Paladin: Jewel Knights

The Jewel Knights have new and glamorous units. Bushiroad has nearly completed the archetype for the V Series. Leading Jewel Knight, Salome is a fantastic card for Jewel Knights. Leading Jewel Knight, Salome enables multiple attacks per turn. In addition, she gives 10,000 power and a critical to a unit that you ride on top of her.

The Royal Paladin’s best reprint is Absolute Blade Knight, Livarot. This generic unit is a useful card for many archetypes in Royal Paladin. Absolute Blade Knight, Livarot superior calls a grade 2 unit from the deck. It is a useful ability for Jewel Knights to superior call Dogmatize Jewel Knight, Sybill.

Spike Brothers:

Great Demon Emperor, Dudley Emperor “Яeverse” is a new unit for Spike Brothers. The original Demonic Lord, Dudley Emperor never became Яeverse in Cardfight!! Vanguard: Link Joker. This new unit is a new option for Spike Brothers. Great Demon Emperor, Dudley Emperor “Яeverse gains power and triple drive.

Offensive Punter is a fantastic reprint for Spike Brothers. Offensive Punter is the best punter in the league of Cardfight!! Vanguard. This card superior calls itself and allows you to draw a card to quickly gain access to your resources. Offensive Punter is a good card for resources and offense.

Card List:

D-VS03/001Leading Jewel Knight, Salome3Royal PaladinForceRRR+SP+VSR
D-VS03/002Dogmatize Jewel Knight, Sybill 2Royal PaladinRRR
D-VS03/003Fruiting Jewel Knight, Eunice1Royal PaladinRRR
D-VS03/004Knight of Chivalry, Rabol2Royal PaladinRRR
D-VS03/005Absolute Blade Knight, Livarot2Royal PaladinRRR
D-VS03/006Sword of Hope, Richard1Royal PaladinRRR
D-VS03/007Bringer of Dreams, Belenus0Royal PaladinCritical/
D-VS03/008Benitoite Witch, YoYo3Oracle Think TankProtectRRR+SP
D-VS03/009Jade Witch, TeTe2Oracle Think TankRRR
D-VS03/010Citrine Witch, MuMu1Oracle Think TankRRR
D-VS03/011Wistaria Witch, ZoZo3Oracle Think TankProtectRRR
D-VS03/012Cobalt Witch, PuPu2Oracle Think TankRRR
D-VS03/013Seablue Witch, NiNi2Oracle Think TankRRR
D-VS03/014Divine Sword, Kusanagi0Oracle Think TankCritical/
D-VS03/015Demise Queen, Himiko "Яeverse"3GenesisForceRRR+SP
D-VS03/016Sunlight Goddess, Yatagarasu3GenesisForceRRR
D-VS03/017Apple Witch, Cider1GenesisRRR
D-VS03/018Strong Bow of the Starry Night, Ulixes2GenesisRRR
D-VS03/019White Phosphorus Sorcerer, Revoluta2GenesisRRR
D-VS03/020Unappeasable Biter, Gleipnir2GenesisRRR
D-VS03/021Stake Fetter, Thviti0GenesisCritical/
D-VS03/022Dauntless Dominate Dragon "Яeverse"3KageroForceRRR+SP
D-VS03/023Blazing Flare Dragon3KageroForceRRR
D-VS03/024Dragonic Lawkeeper3KageroForceRRR
D-VS03/025Dragon Dancer, Frema2KageroRRR
D-VS03/026Volantruber Dragon1KageroRRR
D-VS03/027Heatshot Dragon1KageroRRR
D-VS03/028Dragon Knight, Jannat0KageroCritical/
D-VS03/029Covert Demonic Dragon, Hyakki Vogue "Яeverse"3MurakumoAccelRRR+SP
D-VS03/030Platinum Blond Fox Spirit, Tamamo3MurakumoAccelRRR
D-VS03/031Special Stealth Beast, Weasel Black3MurakumoAccelRRR
D-VS03/032Stealth Rogue of Indignation, Meomaru2MurakumoRRR
D-VS03/033Stealth Rogue of Noh Masks, Awazu2MurakumoRRR
D-VS03/034Stealth Beast, Metamorfox1MurakumoRRR
D-VS03/035Stealth Rogue of the Fiendish Blade, Masamura0MurakumoCritical/
D-VS03/036Sealed Demon Dragon, Dungaree3NarukamiAccelRRR+SP
D-VS03/037Exorcist Mage, Ren Ren2NarukamiRRR
D-VS03/038Exorcist Mage, Miu Miu1NarukamiRRR
D-VS03/039Jaggy Shot Dragoon3NarukamiAccelRRR
D-VS03/040Dragon Dancer, Barca2NarukamiRRR
D-VS03/041Dragon Knight, Zubayr2NarukamiRRR
D-VS03/042Lightning of Triumphant Return, Reseph0NarukamiCritical/
D-VS03/043Original Saver, Zero3Dimension PoliceForceRRR+SP
D-VS03/044Endless Float2Dimension PoliceRRR
D-VS03/045Eternity Chaser1Dimension PoliceRRR
D-VS03/046Dimensional Robo, Daidragon2Dimension PoliceRRR
D-VS03/047Toxic Monster, Gelsludge2Dimension PoliceRRR
D-VS03/048Dimensional Robo, Daibrave1Dimension PoliceRRR
D-VS03/049Cosmic Hero, Grandbeat0Dimension PoliceCritical/
D-VS03/050Great Demon Emperor, Dudley Emperor "Яeverse"3Spike BrothersForceRRR+SP
D-VS03/051Agile Fullback2Spike BrothersRRR
D-VS03/052Machine Gun Gloria1Spike BrothersRRR
D-VS03/053Gunburst Linebacker2Spike BrothersRRR
D-VS03/054Breach Spurt2Spike BrothersRRR
D-VS03/055Offensive Punter1Spike BrothersRRR
D-VS03/056Liar Lips0Spike BrothersCritical/
D-VS03/057Silver Thorn Dragon Queen, Luquier "Яeverse"3Pale MoonRRR+SP+VSR
D-VS03/058Silver Thorn Beast Tamer, Maricica2Pale MoonRRR
D-VS03/059Silver Thorn Beast Tamer, Ana1Pale MoonRRR
D-VS03/060Silver Thorn Dragon, Megalorude4Pale MoonRRR
D-VS03/061Silver Thorn Beast Tamer, Doriane3Pale MoonAccelRRR
D-VS03/062Silver Thorn Handlegrip, Linnea 1Pale MoonRRR
D-VS03/063Darkside Sword Master0Pale MoonCritical/
D-VS03/064Detonate Singer, Refiarade "Rock"3Bermuda TriangleForceRRR+SP
D-VS03/065Courteous Beauty, Seria2Bermuda TriangleRRR
D-VS03/066Sparkling Soul, Nikita1Bermuda TriangleRRR
D-VS03/067Cuddle Connect, Fanessa1Bermuda TriangleRRR
D-VS03/068Mermaid Idol, Elly1Bermuda TriangleRRR
D-VS03/069Distinguished Wink, Radka1Bermuda TriangleRRR
D-VS03/070Cherished Phrase, Reina0Bermuda TriangleCritical/
D-VS03/071Blue Storm Karma Dragon, Maelstrom "Яeverse"3Aqua ForceAccelRRR+SP
D-VS03/072Cobalt Wave Dragon3Aqua ForceRRR
D-VS03/073Tear Knight, Valeria2Aqua ForceRRR
D-VS03/074Tidal Assault2Aqua ForceRRR
D-VS03/075Drifting Flow Fencer2Aqua ForceRRR
D-VS03/076Bubble Ball Corporal1Aqua ForceRRR
D-VS03/077Kelpie Rider, Petros0Aqua ForceCritical/
D-VS03/078Martial Arts Mutant, Master Beetle3MegacolonyProtectRRR+SP
D-VS03/079Machining Armor Beetle2MegacolonyRRR
D-VS03/080Brillian Blister1MegacolonyRRR
D-VS03/081Machining Black Saturn3MegacolonyProtectRRR
D-VS03/082Vulgar Mutant, Stamping Red2MegacolonyRRR
D-VS03/083Machining Cybister1MegacolonyRRR
D-VS03/084Scissor-shot Mutant, Bombscissor0MegacolonyCritical/

Overall, V Special Series 03: V CLAN COLLECTION Vol.3 is an amazing booster set. Every clan in the set receives powerful cards and amazing reprints. You can upgrade your current decks with these new cards.

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