Ten Facts About Blaster Blade

My very first trial deck featured the original Blaster Blade. The card stands out to me. Blaster Blade is my favorite card. Sometimes I will call Blaster Blade my avatar when I ride or call him on the field. My very first SP card was Blaster Blade. The card is currently in one of my collection binders, and maintains its value on the secondary market. I will cherish it for life.

Blaster Blade is the legendary hero from Cray. His first act of heroics was defeating Phantom Blaster Dragon, and ending the civil war on Cray. Then, he returned as a Gold Paladin with the Liberators. Alfred and Blaster Blade defeated the Star-vaders in a long war. He is also Aichi’s avatar or signature card. He makes an appearance in almost every game.

1. Blaster Blade is the name of the weapon

Blaster Blade is not the character’s name. Blaster Blade is the name of the weapon. Some characters do not know Blaster Blade’s actual name. Units on Cray recognize the man by his sword.

2. The Hero’s True Name

Blaster Blade’s real name is Ahmes. He earned the name Blaster Blade after mastering the legendary sword. His friends and new allies do not know his real name. They only refer to him as Blaster Blade.

3. Blaster Dark Originally Owned the Blaster Blade

Blaster Dark was the original owner of the Blaster Blade. He was unable to master the sword’s power. He became frustrated after failing to master the legendary sword. He threw the sword away in favor of his new blade. A day of fate arrived for Ahmes and Blaster Dark. Ahmes grabbed the sword in combat and unleashed the true power of Blaster Blade. Ahmes claimed the sword as his own.

This led to Blaster Blade’s and Blaster Dark’s rivalry. Blaster Dark was jealous of Ahmes mastering the Blaster Blade. Phantom Blaster Dragon took advantage of Blaster Dark’s feelings and misguided him to joining his rebellion to conquer the United Sanctuary. Blaster Dark became one of the leaders of Phantom Blaster Dragon’s rebellion. They became the Shadow Paladins. Fortunately, Blaster Blade and Blaster Dark ended their feud, and combined their strength to defeat Phantom Blaster Dragon.

4. Burst Buster!

The Blaster Blade (the weapon) is able to fire a powerful energy wave to retire units. The original series displayed Blaster Blade unleashing a wave of energy on the ground at the enemy. The new anime displays Blaster Blade opening and firing energy directly at a rear-guard.

5. Blaster Blade V and Blaster Blade Spirit Power

Blaster Blade V and Blaster Blade Spirit are the only grade 2 versions of Blaster Blade with 10,000 power. These cards are the strongest versions of the legendary hero at this grade. Every other grade 2 version of Blaster Blade has 9,000 power.

6. Two Clans

Blaster Blade Spirit is the only Blaster Blade that is dual-clan card. He is a Gold Paladin and Royal Paladin. You may play this card in a deck of either clan. The ability of Blaster Blade Spirit retires an opponent’s rear-guard!

7. Five Grade Threes

Blaster Blade has five forms as a grade 3. They are Blaster Blade Burst, Exculpate the Blaster, Majesty Lord Blaster, Star-vader Blaster Joker, and Blaster Blade Exceed. Four of these cards are Royal Paladins and one is a Link Joker. Blaster Blade’s only clan without a grade 3 is Gold Paladin.

8. Majesty Lord Blaster’s Origins

Blaster Blade and Blaster Dark combined their powers to unleash Blaster Blade’s next level of power. Blaster Blade became Majesty Lord Blaster. He used his new powers to deliver justice and defeat Phantom Blaster Dragon.

9. Exculpate the Blaster

The manga has a different ending to Ren’s and Aichi’s match in the original first season. Majesty Lord Blaster is Aichi’s ace card in the animation. However, the manga has a different card for Aichi’s final turn. Aichi rides Exculpate the Blaster to defeat Ren and Phantom Blaster Dragon. Exculpate the Blaster is Blaster Blade’s ultimate form with a high amount of his power unleashed from his sword.

10. Aichi Plays a version of Blaster Blade in Most of His Decks

Most of Aichi’s decks feature a version of Blaster Blade. His Link Joker deck has Blaster Joker. Blaster Joker is a corrupted version of Cray’s greatest hero. Link Joker traveled to the past and abducted him. They returned him to the present time to corrupt him into a unit for Link Joker. He is similar to reverse units. Unlike Reverse units, his card’s name does not include Reverse in the title.

However, there is only one deck without Blaster Blade. Aichi did not include Blaster Blade in his Shadow Paladin deck. He tossed his avatar to the side in favor of the dark side. The deck did not have room for him. Aichi was evil with Blaster Dark’s influence clouding his judgment.

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