Unit of The Week: Sweet Predator

She is a servant of love. Yes, a sweet, sweet predator. 

[AUTO](VC/RC) Generation Break 1 (This ability is active if you have one or more face up G units in total on your (VC) or G zone):During your main phase, when a card is put into your soul, this unit gets [Power]+3000 until end of turn.

This week I am going to have fun taking a look at one of the lesser played units, Sweet Predator. I was expecting the next female Dark Irregular to be a succubus instead of an elf. Dark Irregulars have so many grade one and grade two succubuses that it is time for them to get a grade three. Sweet Predator is a nice consolation prize. I would like to see her in Cardfight!! Vanguard G because her artwork is hot! She has the beautiful and strong look. She is a sweet girl, but she will also prey on you!

Gaining power to overwhelm your opponent is her end goal. She rushes your opponent with very high numbers in hopes that he or she will not be able to guard or your opponent will guard with multiple cards. You definitely can catch your opponent off guard with a double critical trigger if he or she has a really bad hand. Sweet Predator has a Generation Break of one and she gains 3K power when a card is put into Soul during your main phase. This skill is used when she is the vanguard or a rear-guard. She can rack up a lot of power fast. Her power can go beyond 26K with help from a few combos. Doreen the Thruster pushes Sweeter Predator’s power to unbelievable levels. They share the same skill with the exception of Sweet Predator’s skill being Generation Break. Sweet Predator’s power can above 50K!

Furthermore, she has a strong supporting cast to help bring out her potential. Flirtatious Succubus is a classic card to call to rear-guard for a cheap soul charge. Killing Dollmaster is a really good card to play with Sweet Predator. It puts three cards including itself into the Soul and Sweet Predator instantly gains 9K power from the single play. Also play Flying Librarian in your deck. She soul charges two cards and have two additional bonuses based on the amount of cards in the soul. If you have six or more cards in the Soul, then you can draw a card. If you have 10 or more cards, then you can counter charge damage. The free draw is very useful in maintaining advantage when playing rogue cards.

However, Sweet Predator has too many flaws to be a competitive vanguard. She does not do anything besides gaining power and you will only spend your resources to build the soul during your main phrase. Your opponent will use Perfect Guards to shut your attacks down. She is also not able to maintain her strategy in the long run. Her skill is too demanding of soul charging every turn to make her function. She needs to quickly win games or she will be endangered of decking out. Always be aware of your dwindling deck’s size before making any plays to soul charge in the late game. She is a vanilla vanguard when you are unable to soul charge during your main phrase and you must Stride to have proper attacks. Your formation will be mediocre will you are unable to perform Stride.

Therefore, I do not recommend her as the main vanguard for competitive games, but she can be a very fun card to play in rogue decks. She can be very deadly as a rear-guard. Doreen the Thruster makes Sweet Predator a wild card in crazy games. You need to push early to win with her or you will run out of gas or a deck. She just needed an additional skill such as retiring or drawing to make her worthwhile as a vanguard. Sweet Predator will not be the most popular girl because of her skill. Her artwork is good enough alone to justify playing a deck with her in it.

Card Rating: 2.5 out of 5

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