Unit of The Week: Star-vader, Imaginary Plane Dragon

Imagine it in your mind. Your world with everything locked. 

[ACT](VC):Legion20000 “Flash Gun Star-vader, Osmium” (If your opponent’s vanguard is grade 3 or greater, this unit may return four cards from your drop zone into your deck once, search your deck for the specified card, and Legion)
[ACT](VC):[Counter Blast (2)] If this unit is Legion, for each unit in your middle column with “Star-vader” in its card name, choose up to one of your opponent’s rear-guards, and lock it. (The locked card is turned face down, and cannot do anything. It turns face up at the end of the owner’s turn)
[AUTO](VC):When this unit attacks a vanguard, this unit gets [Power]+2000 until end of that battle.

The Star-vaders were the first archetype in Link Joker. I have not forgotten the evil archetype that troubled our heroes from the original Cardfight!! Vanguard series. Star-vader, Imaginary Plane Dragon made his debut in Cardfight!! Vanguard Legion Mate. He was one of the first new Star-vaders in season four. As a plus, he has the Legion ability! Legion is my favorite formation from Cardfight!! Vanguard.

First Effect

Star-vader, Imaginary Plane Dragon’s first skill locks one of your opponent’s rear-guards for each unit in your middle column. Many Legions have skills that focus on the number of units in the middle column. You want three units in this column. This includes the Legion Leader, Legion Mate, and rear-guard in the back row. A total of three units on your opponent’s field will be locked. The triangle lock only allows your opponent’s vanguard to attack. The two rear-guards in the front row are locked and the vanguard’s booster is also locked to prevent the vanguard from gaining power.

Furthermore, his Legion Mate Flash Gun Star-vader, Osmium’s skill complements Star-vader, Imaginary Plane Dragon. You may prevent your opponent from unlocking a card at the end of his or her next turn if Flash Gun Star-vader, Osmium hits the opposing vanguard! The dreadful Omega Lock shuts down your opponent’s offense for two turns. I would Omega lock my opponent’s best rear-guard. I can avoid it for two full turns.

Second Effect

Finally, I must mention the second skill. Star-vader, Imaginary Plane Dragon gains 2,000 power when he attacks a vanguard. This is a standard skill for many units with Legion and Limit Break. His Legion attack will be 22,000 power before a boost from the rear-guard and effects from Triggers. Star-vader, Crumble Mare is a good booster for a Legion vanguard. His gives a 10,000 boost of power when your vanguard is in Legion. Star-vader, Imaginary Plane Dragon’s Legion attack will have 32,000 power after all effects and boost from Star-vader, Crumble Mare.

Card Rating

Overall, Star-vader, Imaginary Plane Dragon is an efficient unit with a solid Legion skill. The triangle lock is still one of the strongest plays in Cardfight!! Vanguard. Lock is one of the few defensive keywords in the game. Most decks struggle to counter the limitations from Lock. It shuts down decks with multiple attacks such as Aqua Force and Nova Grappler. Lock your opponent in despair and defeat with Star-vader, Imaginary Plane Dragon!

Premium Format: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

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