Unit of The Week: Pluck Enchanter

Stand up, even if it hurts. With the blade of courage within your heart!

[AUTO](RC)1/Turn:When your “Blaster Blade” is placed, Soul Charge (1), and if there are no face up cards in your damage zone, Counter Charge (1).

Pluck Enchanter is a grade one unit and rare card from Aerial Steed Liberation. His only effect supports decks with Blaster Blade. Pluck Enchanter is currently the only Royal Paladin with the ability to counter charge cards in the standard format. His skill is not very impressive due to its strict requirements. Players must play this card and Blaster Blade in the standard format if they want the ability to counter charge cards.

Standard Format

Pluck Enchanter soul charges one card, and counter charges one damage when Blaster Blade is placed on the field. This skill activates and resolves when Blaster Blade becomes your vanguard or a rear-guard. The skill is useful when you need to flip a card face up in the damage zone. Furthermore, he also soul charges a card for a second Blaster Blade for the turn, and you can use Blaster Blade’s effect twice during a turn. You always want to be able to use your other units’ abilities. Then, you continue playing your strategy to win games.

Unfortunately,  Pluck Enchanter has a very rigorous requirement. You cannot have any face up cards in the damage zone to counter charge damage. You may only soul charge a card. The skill is very inconsistent and you will be in situations to call Blaster Blade without being able to use this effect. In addition, the skill forces players to burn their resources from the damage zone. I do not like that strategy for the mid to late stages of a game.

Play these cards with Pluck Enchanter in the standard format!
Premium Format

Finally, Pluck Enchanter does not add any value to a Blaster Blade deck in the premium format. We have a much better option to play with Blaster Blade. Blaster-friend, Barcgal is a superior card for counter charging. His requirements are very simple to meet. You can always use his skill when you call Blaster Blade in the same column.

Play these cards with Pluck Enchanter in the premium format!
Card Ratings

Overall, Pluck Enchanter is a mediocre card for Blaster Blade. It is one of the worst cards from Cardfight!! Vanguard V. Players are only playing Pluck Enchanter in the standard format because he is Royal Paladin’s only option for counter charging damage. I strongly recommend replacing it with a better card as soon as one is available. Pluck Enchanter also does not have any value in the premium format. Blaster-friend, Barcgal is a more consistent card than Pluck Enchanter.

Standard Rating: 2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)

Premium Rating: 1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5)

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