Unit of The Week: Girlish Idol, Lyricle

I’ll nail down your heart!

[AUTO](VC):When placed, choose up to two order cards from your drop zone, and return them to your hand.
[AUTO](VC):When any player’s unit intercepts, this unit gets [Power]+10000 until end of that battle.
[AUTO](VC):When it attacks a vanguard, if your order was played this turn, COST [Counter Blast (1)], and your opponent’s units must intercept as much as possible until end of that battle.

Girlish Idol, Lyricle is one of the first units to interact with orders. She has provides a new strategy for Bermuda Triangle. Girlish Idol, Lyricle has three powerful abilities. This mermaid unleashes a strong offense and an unbreakable defense!

First Ability:

Girlish Idol, Lyricle returns to order cards from your drop zone to your hand. You gain two cards for free. Cardfight!! Vanguard has many order cards, and you have instant access to all of them in your drop zone.

Furthermore, the first ability adds consistency to a deck with Girlish Idol, Lyricle. The main target for Girlish Idol, Lyricle is Lyricle’s Veil. You want this order card in your hand to make your plays.

Second Ability:

Girlish Idol, Lyricle gains 10,000 power when any player’s unit intercepts an attack. This is a defensive and offensive ability. Girlish Idol, Lyricle gains a lot of power during her attack. The additional 10,000 power overcomes an opponent’s shield of 5,000 from an interceptor.

In addition, Lyricle’s Veil gives the ability to intercept to two of the opponent’s rear-guards. The order card, Lyricle’s Veil serves two purposes. It triggers the second ability and third ability of Girlish Idol, Lyricle.

Furthermore, the second ability provides defense. Your rear-guard may intercept an opponent’s attack when he or she attacks Girlish Idol, Lyricle. Then, Girlish Idol, Lyricle gains an additional 10,000 power. You use less cards from your hand for defense, and the opponent is unlikely to hit your vanguard.

Third Ability:

Girlish Idol, Lyricle forces all of the opponent’s rear-guards with intercept to intercept when she attacks the opponent. You must play an order card during the same turn. Girlish Idol, Lyricle has the potential to gain between 20,000 to 40,000 power. The third ability has many synergy with Lyricle’s Veil. Lyricle’s Veil gives the ability to intercept to the opponent’s rear-guards.

However, this ability has a major flaw. Girlish Idol, Lyricle requires the opponent to have rear-guards, and some decks can avoid her ability. A smart opponent would limit the number of rear-guards on the field. Evil Stealth Dragon Akatsuki, Hanzo returns units to the hand. Silver Thorn Dragon Empress, Venus Luquier (V Series) sends rear-guards to soul.

Play these cards with Girlish Idol, Lyricle in the standard format!
  • Charismatic Service, Maxine
  • Lyricle’s Veil
Premium Format:

Unfortunately, Girlish Idol, Lyricle does not have a good design for the premium format. She lacks synergy with cards from Cardfight!! Vanguard G such as the G-Units. Her abilities do not fit the strategies for Chouchou and Melody. I would not recommend playing Girlish Idol, Lyricle in a deck for the premium format.

In theory, you can play Girlish Idol, Lyricle in a generic deck. You would not gain any advantages from her abilities when you stride a G-Unit. A premium deck with Girlish Idol, Lyricle would be a weak deck.

Play these cards with Girlish Idol, Lyricle in the premium format!
  • Blessed Sparkle, Sandy
  • Lucky Rise, Elprina
Card Rating:

Overall, Girlish Idol, Lyricle is a strong vanguard in the standard format. She has an amazing balance of offense and defense. Most decks cannot counter her abilities. However, a few decks such as Silver Thorn can be a thorn in Girlish Idol, Lyricle’s side.

Premium Format: 1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5)

Standard Format: 3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

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