Unit of The Week: Beast Deity, Azure Dragon (V Series)

Beast Deity, Azure Dragon (V Series)

Go through them consecutively! Take it, Sacred Serial Buster!

[AUTO](VC):When placed, COST [Counter Blast (1)], draw a card, call a card from your hand to (RC), and attack your opponent’s vanguard with that unit. If that attack did not hit, at the end of that battle, [Stand] that unit.
[AUTO](VC):When it attacks, COST [Counter Blast (1)], and [Stand] one of your rear-guards.

Beast Deity debuted in Breaker of Limits, and the original Beast Deity, Azure Dragon was Nova Grappler’s featured card in the set. The archetype has finally returned in standard format. Beast Deity, Azure Dragon returns with new skills to enhance your Nova Grappler deck. The new version is a better card than the original version. Its skills are very consistent and are perfect for every Nova Grappler deck.

Beast Deity, Azure Dragon’s first skill draws a card and superior calls a unit from your hand. Then, your new rear-guard attacks your opponent’s vanguard, and stands if its attack did not your opponent. This skill deals early damage to your opponent or forces your opponent to guard earlier than expected. In addition, this rear-guard attacks twice in a turn if your opponent blocks the first attack. It also has the potential to attack three times in a turn with Beast Deity, Azure Dragon (V Series)’s second skill.

Combo 1: Main Phase Assault!
  1. Ride Beast Deity, Azure Dragon and use his skill to superior call Beast Deity, Black Tortoise!
  2. Then, Beast Deity, Black Tortoise attacks your opponent’s vanguard, and his attack hits his or her vanguard.
  3.  Activate Beast Deity, Black Tortoise’s skill to stand him, and attack your opponent’s vanguard again!
Play these cards with Beast Deity, Azure Dragon!
  • Beast Deity, Black Tortoise
  • Beast Deity, Scarlet Bird
  • Ultra Beast Deity, Illuminal Dragon

Beast Deity, Azure Dragon’s second skill stands a rear-guard after he attacks your opponent. This skill enables your rear-guard to attack your opponent again. I recommend standing the rear-guard on an Accel circle. It is your strongest rear-guard on the field. In addition, effects from triggers make your rear-guard powerful card.

Premium Format

Finally, Beast Deity has more cards available in the premium format. This card improves the deck in that format. It is one of the few grade 3 vanguards from Cardfight!! Vanguard V that can use its skill. Furthermore, it has a lot of synergy with Ultimate Beast Deity, Ethics Buster Catastrophe. An Accel circle and Ethics Buster Catastrophe’s skills are an amazing combination! You generate a lot of strong attacks to crush the competition!

Play these cards in the premium format with Beast Deity, Azure Dragon!
  • Ultimate Beast Deity, Ethics Buster Catastrophe

Overall, Beast Deity, Azure Dragon is one of the best vanguards in Nova Grappler. He is a very consistent card, and the clan needed this type of card. You can play it in any Nova Grappler deck. You will want to build a Beast Deity deck when the archetype has more cards in the standard format. His second skill is always useful, and gives you an extra attack for the turn. Stand up your rear-guards with Beast Deity, Azure Dragon!

Card Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

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