Trial Deck Review: Successor of The Sacred Regalia

Successor of The Sacred Regalia is the final trial deck released in the Break Ride era. It was released at the very end of the format. Players did not have much time to enjoy it before the Legion format began its short lived format in English. This trial deck also introduces the Regalia archetype. The featured card is Regalia of Wisdom, Angelica and she is the beginning of Genesis becoming a good clan.

Angelica Is Pure Beauty

I bought this trial deck to get my hands on Angelica. She is the by far the best card in the trial deck and one of the best Break Rides in the game. Her Break Ride skill allows me to draw two cards for the price of soul blasting three cards. This is easy to trigger as the loaded with many cards to help build your soul. Angelica is the basic form of the legendary cross ride Omniscience Regalia, Minerva. That’s a good great deal from a trial deck to get a powerful card!

Two New Rare Cards!

The first rare card is Goddess of Trees, Jupiter, and her artwork is also very nice. She is the deck’s 12K attacker. Her only downside is you must have a Regalia vanguard to trigger hers skill and Angelica is the only Regalia in the trial deck. You can only take advantage of her power boost when Angelica on the field or you can make a complete Regalia deck to always be able to use Jupiter’s skill. Our second rare card is Existence Angel. She is a decent card for soul charging. If she boosts an attack that hits a vanguard, then you can soul charge 1 card.


The majority of the trial deck contains many reprints. This is not too bad because Genesis was one of the newest clans in the game at the time. Players were easily able to play Genesis during the Break Ride format. You have a full set a triggers and your usual generic units ready to get you started with Genesis! There are a few cards such as Apple Witch Cider to help you soul charge early and often to set up your vanguard’s strongest skills.

The Final Word

Genesis was one of the two new clans in the Link Joker arc. It was nice to get a trial deck of both clans from Bushiroad to give players intimate access to the latest clans. Regalia of Wisdom, Angelica is an amazing card in both looks and skills. Her Break Ride skill gives the user a major advantage with two cards drawn from the deck. However, it was a little too late in the Break Ride format. Genesis’s trial deck should have been released sooner to give players more time to enjoy Regalia of Wisdom, Angelica and her Cross Break Ride deck. I still recommend buying a copy of Successor of The Scared Regalia if you want to play a Regalia deck or a Genesis deck with Limit Break.

Trial Deck Rating 4 out of 5

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