Trial Deck Review: Seeker of Hope

Seeker of Hope is a downgraded version of Toshiki Kai’s Seeker Deck from Cardfight!! Vanguard Legion Mate. Blaster Blade returns as a Royal Paladin after being a Gold Paladin for the previous two formats. Seeker of Hope along with Brawler of Friendship are the first trial decks to introduce Legion. This deck is the third trial deck to feature the Royal Paladins. The three featured cards are Blaster Blade Seeker, Seeker, Sacred Wingal, and Full Bloom Seeker, Cerdic.

Power Up With Legion!

Legion is a unique mechanic and is a major upgrade from the much slower Limit Break. This is the best thing to happen to Cardfight!! Vanguard since season one. It is very refreshing in bringing life back in the game we enjoy so much. No more are the days of waiting to play your deck in the late-game. Legion gets decks rolling in the mid-game to keep both players interacting with their card’s abilities instead of simply attacking for more than half of the game.

Getting Your Money’s Worth

This is also one of the most valuable trial decks in the game’s history. Blaster Blade Seeker is the Legion Mate for three very good Legion Leaders, and this makes him extremely valuable to obtain in any form. Seeker, Sacred Wingal is also a well-balanced card for budget decks. It does not pack the same punch as Light Source Seeker, Alfred Exiv. However, it is a great substitute in Seeker, Thing Saver Dragon decks if Alfred is out of your price range.

The Deck’s Strategy

It’s all about using Legion. The strategy is very vanilla, but is one of the best vanilla strategies. Many cards from the deck gain power when your vanguard is in Legion. Activate Legion to pair Wingal and Blaster Blade, then use Wingal’s Legion skill to superior call Cerdic to the front row. Seeker, Rune Eagle is the deck’s best booster for your Legion vanguards as it gives them 10K power when they are in Legion.  If you are unable to ride Wingal, then Secret Sword Seeker, Vortigern is your second option. It is not as bad as it first appears to be. Vortigern is a 35K attacker when he is in Legion and boosted by Rune Eagle.

The Final Word

Overall, Seeker of Hope is one of the best trial decks in the game at this time. It has everything I can ask for from a trial deck. A good boss, strong supporting cast, and Legion’s debut make Seeker of Hope standout from most trial decks. Blaster Blade Seeker is the most sought after card in the trial deck. Four copies of Seeker of Hope along with four Sentinels can make a pretty good deck. Legion is a fantastic mechanic that has the potential of being the main type of card in Cardfight!! Vanguard for years to come.

Trial Deck Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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