Trial Deck Review: Divine Swordsman of the Shiny Star

Once again the Royal Paladins are the exclusive clan in a new trial deck. The four foil cards are Blue Sky Knight, Altmile, Knight of Twin Sword, Margal, and Shrouded Divine Knight Gablade. Trial decks now include two copies of each foil card and the second common is non-foil. Perfect Guards also make their debut in trial decks as they were previously only available in booster packs. The idea is for new players to easily and quickly join the game by not being too far behind by lacking key resources such as Perfect Guards.

New Royal Paladin Leaders

The new shiny units are set to work together to form a powerful formation. They are also generic so they fit in with classic units from the original generation. Shrouded Divine Knight Gablade splashes into every Royal Paladin deck. He is an instant upgrade for classic decks from the first era and Limit Break era. Blue Sky Knight, Altmile is playable in every Royal Paladin deck as a late game finisher. Knight of Twin Sword has chemistry with many grade 2 units such as the Blaster Blade series to superior call him and retire an opposing rear-guard.

The Role Players

The deck’s leaders have very good support in the common cards. Aurashooter Dragon is a decent backup vanguard. His skill is Generation Break 1 so you can ride Altmile when the time is right to use his Generation Break 2 ability. Most trial decks do not provide a true backup vanguard when it is the only one available at the moment. The 10K and 12K attackers are Generation Break units. Previous 10K and 12K attackers were based on archetypes and could use their skills as soon as they were called to a rear-circle.


It’s all about striding into the next generation and unleashing Generation Break in the late game. The cards are not great individually, but they are very strong as a collective group. The deck is slower than the previous Legion trial decks. As previously mentioned, most units’ skills are Generation Break. They must wait until the turn after you perform your first Stride to activate their effective skills. Your units will superior call grade 2 or lower cards from the deck throughout the early turns. Finally, Altmile will take over in the late game for one final attack with a high-powered front row assault.

The Final Word

Divine Swordsman of the Shiny Star showcases classic Royal Paladin tactics in Generation Break and Stride. The new G trial decks make it easy for beginners to jump into the game by providing key cards such as Perfect Guard and multiple copies of the decks’ featured cards. Buying two trial decks will give you a complete deck with four Perfect Guards and half of an extra deck. The foil Margal is a nice bonus! I want to see more triggers in foil in future trial decks and booster sets. Divine Swordsman of the Shiny Star gets my seal of approval with a perfect score!

Trial Deck Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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