The Ten Best Synchro Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Synchro Monsters were introduced in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s. They were the second type of monster for the Extra Deck. The idea of a Synchro Monster is multiple monsters to synchronize to summon a Synchro Monster! The total level of your monsters need to equal the level of the Synchro Monster. This is the concept of being in perfect sync to play the card.

In addition, you need a Tuner Monster to summon a Synchro Monster. A Tuner Monster synchronize all monsters to prepare the summon. Most archetypes have a special Tuner Monster for them.

Some of the strongest cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! are Synchro Monsters. They have powerful effects to give you a major advantage in duels. Most these monsters are easy to special summon to the field.

1 Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier

One of the strongest monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh! is Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier. This powerful monster has a disruptive effect to ruin an opponent’s day. Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier banishes one card from your opponent’s hand, field, and graveyard! Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier is an answer to defeat many decks because it destroys their strategies!

2 Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon

Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon dominates the competition. This monster negates the effects of other monsters, destroys them, and gain the original ATK of those monsters until the end of the turn. Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon can quickly raise its ATK to nearly unstoppable levels of power for the turn.

The most impressive ability is negating effects and destroying monsters. You are shutting down your opponent’s strategy. Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon protects itself from effects from other monsters. Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon is a very difficult monster to destroy.

3 Naturia Beast

Naturia Beast is one of the most frustrating Synchro Monsters to encounter. This card can negate and destroy an unlimited amount of Spells during every turn. The effect’s cost is only milling the deck’s top two cards. Many decks want to send cards to the graveyard to gain abilities. The player is negating a Spell and is setting up future plays from the graveyard.

4 Goyo Guardian

Goyo Guardian can quickly swing a duel in his player’s favor. He special summons a monster that he destroys in battle. The player gains a new monster to use during his or her next turn. It is the ultimate act of betrayal in a duel! Goyo Guardian is a stronger monster than many monsters. The player can capture low level monsters for his or her use. The player can declare an attack with the monster or use the monster to summon a more powerful monster.

5 Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons

Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons is a solution to counter powerful monsters. It cannot be destroyed by battle or a card’s effect. It also gains ATK after battle. Then, Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons will be able to destroy the opponent’s powerful monster by battle.

6 White Aura Bihamut

White Aura Bihamut is an amazing card, and you can play it in many decks. This powerful Synchro Monsters special summons a Divine Dragon Token (Fish/WATER/Level 10/ATK 3300/DEF 3000) in defense position. You instantly have two very powerful monsters on the field. Then, you can change the Divine Dragon Toke to attack position on your next turn. These monsters will deliver major damage!

Furthermore, White Aura Bihamut is a difficult monster to fully destroy because it can special summon itself if you have a Divine Dragon Token on the field. You will almost always have this token on the field. White Aura Bihamut can special summon a Divine Dragon Token during your opponent’s turn if you do not have a Divine Dragon Token on the field.

7 Blood Mefist

Blood Mefist punishes your opponent for having many cards on the field. The fiend constantly deals 300 damage to your opponent for each of his or her cards on the field. Furthermore, Blood Mefist deals 300 damage to an opponent when he or she sets a Spell or Trap.

Blood Mefist counters many decks that want to swarm the field with monsters or set many Traps. He turns the strategy into a hazard. An opponent must adjust their plan to win or try to overcome Blood Mefist.

8 Stardust Dragon

Stardust Dragons continues to be a good card to this day. It protects your side of the field from your opponent. It banishes itself to negate an opponent’s card with the effect to destroy a card on the field. Then, Stardust Dragon special summons itself from the Banish Zone.

9 T. G Hyper Librarian

A simple effect can be a very strong ability. T. G Hyper Librarian rewards your for summoning Synchro Monster. His effect allows you to draw a card, and you may use this effect as many times as possible. It is an effective ability to get new cards to replace one of the monsters from your Synchro Summon.

10 Dark Strike Fighter

Powerful strikes from Dark Strike Fighter can spell doom for your opponent! This Machine monster tributes one of your monsters and deals damage equals to the monster’s level x 200 to your opponent! Dark Strike Fighter deals a lot of damage if you tribute a monster with many levels. For example, Dark Strike Fighter deals 1,600 points of damage to your opponent if you tribute a level eight monster.

The Final Word

Synchro Monsters are one of the best types of monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh! They are powerful monsters with amazing effects. My list of the best Synchro Monsters is a subjective opinion. If you have a different opinion, then please share your favorite cards in the comments.

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