The Saiyan of Time Future Trunks

Panini American revealed the first Main Personality from the upcoming release Dragon Ball Z Evolution. My favorite character Future Trunks has four new levels with new skills! I am so excited to see what my favorite DBZ character has to offer me. The true hero of time is ready to battle against the killer androids. He is just one of the many characters from the starter deck. His power level has not significantly jumped since his first set. His level four got a pretty good boost, and that’s about it.

Trunks Returned


Power: Physical Attack. If this attack is stopped, your opponent skips his next action this combat. Damage AT+1 Stage

I’m glad to see Future Trunks has an offensive power. None of his previous Main Personality cards had attacks. This power is a physical attack with a cool bonus if it is blocked. You essentially have two consecutive attacks if your opponent blocks this skill’s attack. You are slowly tearing your opponent’s defense apart.

Trunks Swordmaster

(Use only if you have not performed an attack from your hand this combat) Power: Physical attack. Damage 8 Stages

His level two skill is great and it is your first attack in combat. It does eight power stages of damage. Opponents want to block this attack especially if they focus on energy attacks. You’re basically forcing your opponent’s to block. You will do major damage to your opponent if he or she is unable to block your attack. He or she won’t be able to perform energy attacks, and they can take a lot of life cards of damage.

Trunks Defiant

Power: Place a card from your hand on the top or bottom of your Life Deck to choose an attack card from your discard pile and place it into your hand. Your Opponent skips his next action this combat.

Trunks Defiant’s skill helps your grab an offensive card if you don’t have one in your hand. You can use the attack immediately as your opponent skips his or her next action in combat. You’re not spending a lot of resources to get an extra attack in combat. Grab Trunks Sword Slash from your discard pile to banish six more cards from your opponent’s graveyard! I would save this skill for my last action in combat when my opponent is unable to defend against my final attack.

Trunks Overpowering

Your Attacks Deal +5 stages of damage.

I don’t need to say much about Trunks Overpowering. His only intention is to increase your attacks’ damage in the late game. The game is nearly over and Future Trunks is pushing for your victory! All your attacks do five stages of damage.

The Final Word

We have two different styles to play with Future Trunks. His second set is much more aggressive than his mid-range set from Dragon Ball Z 2014. Each level puts a lot of pressure on your opponent. His skills intend on breaking your opponent’s defenses and will do major damage once your opponent cannot defend himself from your assault. The new set hits hard and hits often. I can mix the two sets, but they don’t clash well together. It is unfortunate that none of these main personality cards consistently play well with Trunks Sword Stance, but Trunks Defiant has a great combo with Trunks Sword Slash. I don’t know if I will make the change from set one’s Future Trunks to set four’s offensive Future Trunks. I doubt I will make the switch because I prefer playing mid-range decks.

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