The History of Blaster Blade

Aichi’s signature card also called an avatar is the face of Cardfight!! Vanguard, Blaster Blade. He almost always has a special place in Aichi’s decks. His ability is retiring an opponent’s rear guard off the battlefield when he is called into play. Blaster Blade is a timeless warrior that have saved Cray countless times from invading armies. King of Knights, Alfred entrusted not only his life, but the world in Blaster Blade’s hands. His right hand man has all of the qualities required to lead any group of soldiers on the battlefield. No one knows his true name as people refer to him as his legendary sword, Blaster Blade.

Shadow Paladin vs Royal Paladin

A mysterious being named the Void unexpectedly attacked planet Cray. Citizens were in a state of confusion, and looked for a leader to lead them against their unknown threat. Blaster Blade and Phantom Blaster Dragon stood up to gain leadership, but only one leader could emerge. Blaster Blade had good intentions for Cray’s citizens while Phantom Blaster Dragon only wanted to gain power to dominate the world. Blaster Blade’s rival Blaster Dark stood by the evil dragon’s side because he held a grudge against the legendary hero for wielding the sword that he could not master.

A fierce civil war began between the Royal Paladins and Shadow Paladins in the United Sanctuary. Blaster Dark saw the errors of his ways and lent his power to Blaster Blade to transform him into the true vanguard, Majesty Lord Blaster! The vanguard defeated the once invisible Phantom Blaster Dragon. The two Blasters shook hands to agree to put the past behind them.

The Void Can’t Stop Cray’s Greatest Warrior

Blaster Blade, Blaster Dark, and Dragonic Overlord were captured by the Void, and the clans were once again confused without a leader. New leaders emerged from the shadows and they are known as the Gold Paladins led by Incandescent Lion, Blond Ezel. Blaster Blade was not going to allow the Void and Link Joker stop him from breaking free and saving his people. He returned as a Spirit to help Aichi and Ezel reform the corrupted Aqua Force and drive out the Void from planet Cray. Together the heroes defeated the Void, liberated Aqua Force, and freed Blaster Dark, Dragonic Overlord, and himself Blaster Blade from the Void’s clutches.

The Invasion

King Alfred reassigned Blaster Blade to Gold Paladins as a Liberator. As a Liberator, Blaster Blade’s duty was to liberate the world from the darkness to start a new era. However, things would not go as plan as Link Joker started its invasion to conquer Cray. This new enemy was the Void’s avatar that has destroyed many worlds in its path. Cray’s armies were caught off guard against Link Joker’s special ability to lock opposing soldiers. One by one Cray’s leaders fell in battle and became reversed under the spell of Link Joker. It appeared that all was lost, Link Joker appeared to be unstoppable as no was able to break the spell.

King Alfred sent Ezel to break the spell and stop the reverse from spreading with his newfound ability, Holy Dispelled Scissors. Link Joker’s leader Chaos Breaker Dragon unleashed his secret Star-vader, “Omega” Glendios to crush Cray’s remaining forces. Not even a newly powered Ezel was able to stop the ultimate weapon in its destructive path. Chaos Breaker Dragon was close to obtaining victory with his ultimate weapon Omega, but Blaster Blade and Alfred broke the spell and vanquished Link Joker’s false God.

The Acceptance of Link Joker

The war against Link Joker was far from over, despite destroying their ultimate weapon. The Magus from Oracle Think Tank predicted Blaster Blade would suddenly vanish from their world. In perpetration for the event the Royal Paladins used forbidden arts to summon comrades from the past. Seeker, Thing Saver Dragon was summon from the past to be Blaster Blade’s personal bodyguard.

The predicted day finally came in which Blaster Blade was captured by Link Joker. They infused him with their technology to transform him into the sinister Star-vader Blaster Joker, and Blaster Blade’s memories were suppressed as his mind was corrupted with the Void’s wicked power. The newest Star-vader slaughtered his former comrades without hesitation. Thankfully he was saved from Link Joker’s dark influence by his rival Dragonic Overlord. Cray’s greatest warrior stood on his feet to thank his rival which also led to him seeing Link Joker in a new light. The only way to end the bloodshed was to give Link Joker the option to join Cray and his unexpected offer was accepted by the Star-vaders. Blaster Blade forgave Link Joker for their horrible actions and allowed them to join Cray instead of seeking revenge with blood.

Blaster Blade’s Future

Nothing can stop Blaster Blade as he defeated a power hungry dragon, a mysterious enemy, and an invading army from space. Many have tired to defeat Cray’s true vanguard, and not one has ever and will ever succeed. I’m looking forward to seeing Aichi’s return in Cardfight!! Vanguard G because it will also mean Blaster Blade will return as well. I would not be surprised if he permanently returns as a Grade 3 to symbolize his and Aichi’s growth.

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