Structure Deck Review: HERO Strike

The heroes have finally returned in their very own structure deck, HERO Strike. Jaden Yuki’s heroic cards return with a force to save the day against the forces of evil. TCG players had to wait a little longer than expected to get their hands on the new HERO monsters, and it was worth the wait! This is the first structure deck to include five Fusion monsters in an Extra Deck, and four of them are the new HERO Fusion monsters! Elemental HERO monsters and Mask HERO monsters are the only HERO type monsters included in the deck.

New Heroes Arrive To Save The Day!

Five new and powerful HERO monsters are the structure deck’s highlights. Every new Fusion monster is very good. Masked HERO Dark Law is the best fusion monster available in the deck. Players will be very excited to play him after they read his effects. It has the ability to banish your opponent’s cards when they are sent to the graveyard. This is a huge advantage against many decks. On top of that, he also banishes a card in your opponent’s hand when he or she draws a card (not during the Draw Phrase or Damage Step).

New Mask Change!

Mask HERO monsters also received new support with new alternatives to the original Mask Change. Mask Change II is an excellent spell card to special summon Mask HERO monsters. Furthermore, it can be used in any deck because it does not require a HERO monster as its target. An even better card is Mask Charge. It gives you a plus one by adding a HERO and Change card from your Graveyard to your hand. Finally, Form Change is useful for using your HERO Fusion Monster to special summon a Mask HERO.

The Fanatic Reprints!

Many classic HERO cards were reprinted to support the new Fusion monsters. I was not playing Yu-Gi-Oh! at the time of these cards’ releases. This was a great opportunity for me to pick cards that I did not have previously before this release. Elemental HERO Bubbleman, Elemental HERO Heat, Elemental HERO Ocean, and Mask Change are my favorite reprints from this structure deck. Mask Change’s reprint is very crucial because Mask HERO monsters need it to be Fusion summoned to the field.

The Final Word

Overall, HERO Strike was a great way for Konami to kick off Yu-Gi-Oh! in 2015. New and old fans will love this deck for the nostalgia and new support. The new HERO and Change cards upgrade HERO decks to a new level. The best card, Mask HERO Dark Law creates match up problems for certain decks as he shuts them down. Buying three copies of HERO Strike will give you a very competitive deck to play at your locals and YCS tournaments. You can also add your retro HERO cards from various sets and tins to your deck for more fantastic plays. My HERO deck is ready to duel!

Structure Deck Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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