Starter Deck Review: Super Starter: Space-Time Showdown

Super Starter: Space-Time Showdown is the first starter deck in the Arc-V era. The deck includes 40 cards and introduces two Pendulum Monsters. These special monsters break the game as we know it. They have the ability to Pendulum Summon as many monsters with the Pendulum Scale as possible from your hand. The starter deck also includes two power-up booster packs! Each power-up booster pack has one ultra rare card. Dark Hole and Odd-Eyes Dragon are the two ultra rare cards in the power-up booster packs!

It’s Time To Pendulum Summon!

Stargazer Magician and Timegazer Magician are the first two Pendulum Monsters released in the game. Both cards are super rare! Their scale is between levels two and seven. However, they are best in Magician and Odd-Eyes decks as their pendulum scales become four if the other Pendulum Monster is not a Magician or Odd-Eyes monster. Their restriction makes them ineffective in generic decks.

More New Cards!

The Pendulum Monsters are not the only original monsters featured in the starter deck. Supply Squad is best new and non-foil card in the stater deck. If your monster is destroyed by battle or card effect, then you can draw a card. Destroying your monsters is not a minus on your end as you gain a card to recover from losing your monster. Supply Squad is very useful in swarm decks as you will always have monsters on the field that may be destroyed as any moment. Odd-Eyes Dragon is an ultra rare in the power-up booster packs. He plays well with the Pendulum monsters.


Unfortunately, there are not many good reprints in Space-Time Showdown. The monsters that are printers are very lackluster. You will not see them in many decks. The only reprint that I like is Mystical Space Typhoon because it is a stable card in most of my decks. The power-up booster packs are loaded with reprints! Dark Hole is the only ultra rare reprint. Call of the Haunted and Divine Wrath are the most notable common reprints.

The Final Word

Overall, Super Starter: Space-Time Showdown is a major letdown just like most starter decks. It is not worth your time or money unless you are a collector like myself. The deck lacks structure to properly teach new players how to play the game. Combining three copies into one deck will still make a clustered deck. There are not any great cards to boost any deck to the next level. The Pendulum Monsters are not particularly strong. The starter deck itself is not every impressive as the cards have very little value. The lackluster power-up packs do not offer any great cards to entice me to buy another copy. The only bright spots are the ultra Dark Hole and Odd-Eyes Dragon from the power-up booster packs. An ultra rare Dark Hole looks very nice in my collection binder.

Starter Deck Rating: 1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5)

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