Structure Deck Review: Cyber Dragon Revolution

Cyber Dragon Revolution features the epic return of Cyber Dragon and introduces a XYZ monster Cyber Nova Dragon! The structure deck also introduces new and powerful support cards for Cyber Dragon. The structure deck includes two ultra rare cards and super rare cards, and they are Cyber Nova Dragon, Cyber Twin Dragon, Cyber Dragon Drei, and Cyber Dragon Core! I wish the two Cyber Dragons were also foil cards because that would have been epic.

The Game Plan

Cyber Nova Dragon is the deck’s main attraction. It can easily be special summoned with Cyber Dragon Drei’s awesome effect. Cyber Nova Dragon is also an attacking machine. It can double its attack points during either players’ when by banishing a Cyber Dragon. If this card is destroyed, then you can special summon any machine fusion monster from your Extra Deck. Cyber End Dragon or Cyber Twin Dragon will replace Cyber Nova Dragon. Limiter Removal plays a great role in this situation.  Cyber Twin Dragon can attack twice with 5,600 ATK or Cyber End Dragon can attack with a devastating 8K ATK.


Furthermore, the structure deck is loaded with great reprints. Cyber Twin Dragon is a fantastic reprint! I was not playing Yu-Gi-Oh! when Cyber Twin Dragon was printed. Mystical Space Typhoon is always a great reprint because it is one of the game’s best staple spell cards. Limiter Removal is the perfect reprint in a structure deck for machine monsters. It sets up one turn kills with many combos centered around the Cyber Dragons. Cyber Dinosaur and Cyber Eltanin are wildcards and both can be very good when played at their fullest potential.

However, my only problem with the structure deck is reprinting a Super Polymerization instead of a regular Polymerization. Super Polymerization is not very good in the deck and is only useful in mirror matches. You want to use Super Polymerization to use your opponent’s monsters as resources. Polymerization would have been a better choice because it does not require a discard and the monsters to be on the field.

New Cyber Dragons!

Let’s discuss the new cards. Cyber Dragon Drei is a great card when there are Cyber Dragon monsters on the field because it quickly special summons a Cyber Nova Dragon from the Extra Deck. However, the best new card is Cyber Dragon Core because it can set up great plays. Use Machine Duplication on Cyber Dragon Core to special summon two Cyber Dragons from the deck. This is possible because Cyber Dragon Core’s ATK is less than 500 and Cyber Dragon Core’s name is Cyber Dragon on the field. Finally, Machine Duplication will special summon two monsters with the same name.

The Final Word

In conclusion, Cyber Dragon Revolution is the beginning of a revolution! Konami does a great job in resurrecting the metallic Cyber Dragon. The structure deck revives Cyber Dragon and makes the deck more competitive. It is worth every penny with the powerful Cyber Nova Dragon, new support, and the great reprints! The structure deck has the basic tools to build a good Cyber Dragon or machine deck.

Structure Deck Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


  1. I wanted to ask if this deck is good for new players. I have some experience because I’ve been playing yu hi oh duel links for about a month. I have the main idea Down and know how to do cool stuff with effects and special summons. But I still don’t have any cards, because all my experience is on the game. Also, to make things worse, regular YuGiOh isn’t the same as duel links. So this was going to be my starter deck. I haven’t bought it yet. Should I get this one, or get a different one? Thanks for your time.

    1. I recommend purchasing a starter deck such as Link Strike to learn the basics of the Advance Format. Then, purchase a structure deck to expand your possibles.

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