MegaMan NT Warrior Trading Card Game Starter Decks

MegaMan NT Warrior Trading Card Game was developed by Decipher Inc. The trading card game began in 2004 and sadly ended in May 2005. Only the first two seasons are featured in the game. Each booster set was released with a pair of new starter decks. The playing field quickly changed with every new booster set. They quickly added as many new characters in the game with in every booster set. This game is very old with only three releases, but there are many characters to play as to keep the game fresh. There are a total of 19 characters in the game.

Six starter decks were released. Each starter deck includes four exclusive cards and you will receive two copies of one exclusive card. The exclusive cards are NetNavis, Events, and Resources. The NetNavis are MegaMan.EXE, TorchMan.EXE, ProtoMan.EXE, PharaohMan.EXE, SharkMan.EXE, and Bass.EXE. All six NetNavis are basic cards without any skills. There are many NetNavis to collect from each booster set and some of them have special abilities. The characters from the starter decks were most likely kept simple to help players learn the game’s basics.

Unfortunately, starter decks do not have much variation besides the character and exclusive cards. They all contain many of the same cards. Laser Blast is in every starter deck. You can easily swap characters and exclusives cards to play the same deck. Each starter deck would be unique if they had ten new cards instead of just four new cards. Each deck should of have an exclusive BattleChip to be only being usable for the starter deck’s NetNavi.

Starter Deck MegaMan.EXE

MegaMan.EXE is a balanced character in the first starter deck. He does not excel in any category. He does later get a stronger card with the same strength, stronger defense, and stronger blast in the following booster set. MegaMan.EXE has a lot of powerful cards to make up for his basic stats. His exclusive cards are Heightened Defenses, Rich Kid, and Superior Technique. All three cards are resources. Superior Technique adds five points to your blast destiny. Heightened Defenses adds four points to MegaMan’s defense. This card can save you in a tight spot. Rich Kid is a cool card to play. It sends two random cards from your discards to the bottom of your deck. You are recycling cards for a chance to play them again.

Starter Deck TorchMan (FireMan.EXE)

TorchMan.EXE is one of the few characters to have his name changed in the English version. His correct name is Fireman.EXE and he is Mr. Match’s NetNavi. He also has balanced stats just like MegaMan.EXE. Their stats were most likely created to be equal for players to be on an even playing field at the beginning. However, TorchMan.EXE’s cards give him an edge over his rival from MegaMan Battle Network.

His exclusive cards are Flame Brain, Fire It Up, and Towering Inferno. Flame Brain is one of the best cards from the starter decks. It forces your opponent to discard a card. Your opponent can lose an important BattleChip, Event, or Resource from his or her hand. You will gain an advantage if they lose a BattleChip that is designed to block attacks.

Starter Deck PharaohMan.EXE

PharaohMan.EXE plays a larger role in the anime than he does in the video games and manga. He is a mere secret boss in MegaMan Battle Network. He is the final antagonist in season one of MegaMan NT Warrior. He is raveled to be the ultimate NetNavi. He is defeated when MegaMan.EXE and ProtoMan.EXE unleashed a double program advance!

PharohMan.EXE has the best stats in the game. His strength is 3, defense is 2, and blast is 4. His high blast rating takes him a bit longer to use his blast to raise his strength. However, he has four opportunities to blast a card with a high blast destiny and add it to his strength. You can afford to play more cards with a blast destiny of 4. His attacks can deal a lot of damage to your opponent.

Starter Deck ProtoMan.EXE

Chaud Blaze’s NetNavis is ProtoMan.EXE. ProtoMan.EXE’s strategy is manipulating his strength to raise his blast. ProtoMan.EXE’s exclusive cards are A Higher Level, Bring It On, and Virtual Martyer. All of ProtoMan.EXE’s cards focus on lowering his blast. His fighting style focuses on swift attacks in the anime, manga, and video games. His play-style in the trading card game fits him. His deck also includes his signature weapon Cyber Sword. He will fast access to activating his blast to gain strength. The only flaw in this strategy is the limited options for your blast. He will only be able to choose one card to gain power from instead of having many options like PharaohMan.EXE.

Starter Deck SharkMan.EXE

His NetOp is Commander Beef aka Masa. They are an optional boss in MegaMan Battle Network. The fishy duo has deeper roles in MegaMan NT Warrior. They are net agents, who helped Lan and MegaMan.EXE battle World Three and Gospel (Grave). His signature weapon is fin-cutter!

SharkMan.EXE is a balanced character just like MegaMan.EXE. His exclusive cards are Open The Door, Out of Water, and Surprisingly Sharp. Surprisingly Sharp allows you to draw to cards after you play a Battle Chip. This handy card gives you a lot of advantage by increasing your hand size. You can have another opportunity to attack your opponent if you draw a Battle Chip. Overwhelm your opponent with multiple attacks to drain his or her deck to zero.

Starter Deck Bass.EXE

Bass.EXE is one of the final two starter decks in the game. His starter deck was released with the Grave booster set. He has the same stats as ProtoMan.EXE. I am a bit surprised to see him weaker than PharaohMan.EXE because he is the reincarnation in the animation series. His exclusive cards are At Fault, Flawless, and Deletion Inevitable.

At Fault allows you to search your opponent’s deck and discard any card from his or her deck. You can easily remove your opponent’s bet card from the game. This card can be played multiple times in a game. Your opponent could fall victim to this card several times in a game. I would remove battle chips and cards with a high blast destiny. My opponent would have one less BattleChip to use for offense or defense.

The Final Word

MegaMan NT Warrior is a lost and forgotten trading card game with plenty of content from just a few booster sets and starter decks. You can easily fine these decks for less than ten dollars online. Yu and your friends can net battle with the series characters. The starter decks contain simple cards for any new player can easily learn how to play the game. However, MegaMan NT Warrior starter decks lack variety. The decks have very few exclusive cards for each character. An exclusive Battle Chip should have been included to make each character stand out from each other.

These decks are great to buy if you are an extreme MegaMan fan just like me! Three of the most popular characters from the Battle Network series are ready to play in starter decks. I have a small binder with my foil cards. My huge MegaMan collection will only grow bigger as I continue to buy cards from the trading card game. Jack in and power up!

Starter Decks’ Rating: 3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

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