Trial Deck 12 and Extra Booster Set 7 Announced!

Bushiroad officially announced Trail Deck 12 and Extra Booster Set 7 on their official Cardfight!! Vanguard Twitter page. You can read the announcement here!

Trial Deck 12 is Dimensional Brave Kaiser! TD12 is the first Dimensional Police trial deck. The trail deck will focus on the Dimensional Robo series. It features a brand new super dimensional robot that will be the new break ride unit for the Dimensional Police series. The trial deck’s box cover features the leader of Team Caesar Mitsusada Kenji!

Extra Booster Set 7: Mystical Magus  features the Oracle Think Tank clan. This set will focus on Misaki’s manga play style with the Oracle Think Tank clan which includes the Magus and Battle Sister series. It will be the first booster set to feature an Oracle Think Tank break ride card.

Trial Deck 12 is set to be released on August 9th, 2013, and Extra Booster Set 7 is set to be released on August 30th. I am so excited for the new upcoming cards especially the Dimensional Robo break ride unit!

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