New Allies Join The Fight in The Movie Collection!

The Movie Collection introduces three of our favorite DBZ characters as allies! Master Roshi, Oolong, and Yajirobe make their debuts in The Movie Collection! Master Roshi and Yajirobe were main personalities in the original Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game by score. I believe there is a good chance we will get a Master Roshi main personality set. He is too popular to just remain as an ally. These three new allies are really good cards in the right decks. Each one counters different main personalities by limiting or negating their strategies.

Master Roshi Scouted


(Heroes Only): Players cannot use card effects to search a player’s Life Deck.

Goku’s first sensei is going teach the top decks a lesson. Captain Ginyu has finally met his match! Master Roshi’s power prevents Ginyu from searching for his Ginyu Force allies! Namekian decks cannot easily search for their Dragon Balls.

Oolong Concerned 

(Heroes only):Dragon Balls lose all effects.

Players rejoice in this new day! Oolong is the perfect card to counter Namekian decks and Garlic Jr. Every Hero deck will play Oolong except for Nail and Piccolo. Who expected this cowardly pig to be so good?

Yajirobe Bundled 

(Heroes only) Players cannot use Setups unless they have performed an attack from their hand this turn.

Yajirobe is a great card if you do not play any or very few Setups in your deck. If you play Setups, then you are going to hate Yajirobe. He prevents you from playing Setups unless you performed an attack with a card from your hand. Personalty powers do not count as they are already on the field.

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