Heal Triggers Should Always Activate

There is one rule in Cardfight!! Vanguard that really grinds my gears and it is the Heal Trigger rule. A player can only heal damage if he or she has equal or more damage than the opponent. A player in the lead (score) is not allowed to heal damage when his or her Trigger Check reveals a Heal Trigger. This rule really bothers me because I have never played a game with such an odd rule. The rule needs to change for Heal Triggers to be able to always activate during Trigger Checks.

Furthermore, giving the players the ability to heal during a trigger check regardless of their amount of damage or opponent’s amount of damage would greatly change the game. This change would greatly affect Limit Break. There is no guarantee that a player would be able to keep Limit Break active after having 4 or 5 damage. A player’s Limit Break access may be canceled during either player’s turn because of a Heal Trigger’s activation.

One argument against this idea I hear from a lot of players is that it is unfair for the player who is winning to be able to recover damage. What kind of logic is this? I have never heard of or played another game that disallows players or a team to recover or gain even more advantage. This breaks the main goal in sports to always have an advantage over the opponent in all areas and phrases of the game. The rule benefits the losing player. It would be like the NBA making a rule that states “If a team is winning by 20 or more points, then all All-Star and All-NBA players must return to the bench until the opposing team is able to tie the score” or the NFL creating a rule stating “Peyton Manning must sit on the bench if the Broncos have a 28 point led”.

Furthermore, the player with the most amount of damage shouldn’t complain if the winning player was able to heal from heal triggers. Do the impossible and make a glorious comeback! The losing player can quickly turn the tide by playing powerful combos and revealing Critical Trigger(s) and/or Heal Trigger(s) during the Drive Check. There are even more Grade 3 units who gain criticals or able stand from their powerful Limit Breaks.

In addition, the current heal trigger rule punishes the player with the least amount of damage. He or she loses opportunities to heal later in the game if they lose the lead. This is incredibility mind blowing when the opponent has been able to heal thanks to a heal trigger, and your Heal Triggers were wasted earlier in the game. You may have needed the Heal Trigger(s) during the late game when your opponent made an impossible comeback.

In conclusion, my opinion on this matter is very unpopular in the Cardfight!! Vanguard community. The Heal Trigger rule is one of the worst rules that have ever been in a trading card game or any game that has ever existed. It breaks the ultimate moral code in sports by helping the losing player or team by disallowing the player or team in the lead to gain more advantage.


  1. You miss the point of Heal Triggers entirely, that's why people are going to chew you out for this. Oh man are you gonna get chewed out.

    The reason for the heal trigger is to give hope the fight isn't over(6th), to give both a buffer and breather(5th). It's the trigger specifically made for hope and the underdog. Healing in of itself isn't the point at all.

    Think of it this way;

    Critical – The trigger of rush
    Stand – The trigger of grind
    Draw – The trigger of defense
    Heal – The trigger of hope

  2. I think you're missing my point. The underdog in sports doesn't receive help in restricting the opponent's advantage from increasing. The underdog must climb out of the hole and make a great comeback for the record books.

  3. The heal trigger is meant as a light of hope when you are losing or to give you that slight advantage. It's not a card meant to snowball when your at 1 damage and the enemy is at 4.

    Don't forget certain clans that can recycle heal triggers back into their deck? OTT? Angel Feather? It's bad enough they can put their HT back into the deck now you want them to be able to activate at any time?

    HT's are there to prolong the match and to stop someone who's lucky enough to get crit and heal in a single turn. Imagine dealing 2 damage and healing 1 yourself regardless of damage on either side. Your basically dealing 3 damage…it was never meant for that purpose.

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