Future Trunks Protects The Future

(Your Drills are not discarded when advancing from this level.)
Whenever you play a card with “Sword” in the title, Rejuventate 1.
Power: Use when entering combat. Search your Life Deck for a non-Styled Drill and place it into play.

Future Trunks returned to DragonBall last Saturday. Now he gets a new Level 1 personality card. Future Trunks has three options for his level 1 slot. This is also Future Trunks’s strongest level 1 card. Trunks Protective is a good level 1 Main Personality with the set from DragonBall Z Evolution. I can easily switch level 1 Trunks for Trunks Protective. This new card does not fit with Trunks’ first set. His first set revolved around control and looking at the top cards of your deck. Trunks Protective does not mash good with the first set’s support such as Trucks’ Sword Stance.


Sword is an exclusive archetype to Future Trunks. You may rejuvenate one card whenever you play card with Sword in the title. You are rewarded for playing cards with Sword in their titles. Rejuvenate Swords to create a loop. You can cycle between two cards every turn. Aggressive Sword Drill can search for the rejuvenated Sword from the previous and the card can be played. Then rejuvenate any Sword card and it be searched for on your next turn with Aggressive Sword Drill!

There are cards with Sword in their title for every Style. Trunks has a strong arsenal of Sword cards. Trunks’ Sword Slash is my favorite card with Trunks’ name in it. I search for this card and begin to banish cards from my opponent’s discard pile. I can make combos with my Saiyan Energy attacks if Trunks’ Sword Slash is able to hit my opponent. Dashing Sword Attack is another physical combat card that can draw a card with Sword in its title from the discard pile if the attack hits the opponent. Saiyan Sword Strike is a good card if you can time it correctly. The attack is unstoppable if your opponent passed on his or her last action in combat.


Trunks’ power searches for a Non-style Drill and place into play when you enter combat. You can use Trunks’ skill to search for Aggressive Sword Drill, but you cannot use the Drill’s skill in the same turn as Trunks’ skill. I do not have an issue with the slow connection. You can use Aggressive Sword Drill on your following turns. Aggressive Sword Drill will search for your swords every turn at the start of combat. You are able to establish a board early in the match. You retain the Drills from using this skill when you advance a level. Trunks’ Level 2 personalities have a much higher power level and can take dominate games with physical attacks.

The Final Word

Trunks Protective works best with his personality set from Evolution. Trunks Protective continues to set the bar for Trunks’ personalities. He goes great in Black and Saiyan decks. Trunks Protective interacts with his Sword archetype. Trunks decks with Swords have gained a major boost in power and consistency. He establishes a strong presence on the board and can maintain it when he advances to his next level. I want this test this new Main Personality card in my Trunks deck, but I am the only DBZ TCG player at my locals. Change the future with Trunks Protective!

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