D Booster Set 01: Genesis of the Five Greats

D Booster Set 01: Genesis of the Five Greats is the first booster set for the D-Standard Format and Cardfight!! Vanguard overDress. The booster set includes 120 cards. In addition, all nations receive new cards and themes.

Furthermore, Bushiroad introduces the “Over Double Rare”, “Dress Secret Rare” and “Holo” rarities in D Booster Set 01: Genesis of the Five Greats. Holo is a unique rarity and it presents R and C cards with RR foil. The booster has a lot of value with its variety of rarities.

  • Each booster box is guaranteed with an ORR card.
  • introduces the first [Over] trigger for the Dragon Empire, Dark States, Brandt Gate, Keter Sanctuary, Stoicheia nations.
  • Bushiroad introduces the “Over Double Rare”, “Dress Secret Rare” and “Holo” rarities!
  • Brandt Gate
  • Dark States
  • Dragon Empire
  • Keter Sanctuary
  • Stoicheia
Brandt Gate:

Bushiroad expands Brandt Gate’s strategy with Set Orders. D Booster Set 01: Genesis of the Five Greats introduces new Set Orders for the nation. Each of these cards have a unique effect for your advantage. These orders may retire an opponent’s rear-guard or allow you to draw extra cards.

In addition, Bushiroad introduces new tokens, Shadow Army Tokens. Shadow Army Tokens have 15,000 power and the ability to boost units. You can create powerful columns.

Cardinal Deus, Orfist is the signature card for Brandt Gate in D Booster Set 01: Genesis of the Five Greats. Cardinal Deus, Orfist creates Shadow Army Tokens. This card has a fantastic design for a villain. He resembles units from Link Joker.

Dark States:

Dark States use the soul for their abilities. The nation wants a large soul to access the strongest abilities of its cards. Master of Gravity, Baromagnes is the perfect vanguard for Dark States. Master of Gravity, Baromagnes generates power and multiple attacks. You can dominate the opponent with five attacks in a single turn.

Furthermore, Master of Gravity, Baromagnes has good support to help build the soul. Electro Spartan and Phantasma Magician, Curtis add cards to the soul. You can consistently reach the requirements for Master of Gravity, Baromagnes’s abilities.

Dragon Empire

D Booster Set 01: Genesis of the Five Greats expands the ability of overDress with a new card. Vairina Valiente is the newest unit with overDress. Vairina Valiente is a powerful rear-guard with the ability to stand after battle for a second attack. In addition, this card has the Persona Ride if you need to ride it.

Dragon Empire’s strategy is retiring the opponent’s units to control the field. Heavy Artillery of Dust Storm, Eugene complements the nation’s strategy. Heavy Artillery of Dust Storm, Eugene rewards you for playing very well. He superior call units up to the number of the opponent’s open circles.

Keter Sanctuary

D Booster Set 01: Genesis of the Five Greats provides new support for D Start Deck 03: Tohya Ebata -Apex Ruler-. The deck centers around grade 3 units and their abilities. Grand Heavenly Sword, Alden encourages this strategy. Grand Heavenly Sword, Alden allows you to draw a card after calling a grade 3 unit and he gains 5,000 power if you have three or more grade 3 units.

  • Manipulate The Deck!

D Booster Set 01: Genesis of the Five Greats also includes units with abilities similar to Oracle Think Tank. Hexaorb Sorceress can place a trigger on top of the deck. In addition, She gives an additional 10,000 power to a rear-guard when your drive check reveals a trigger. Decks in D-Standard Format with her support and decks in the Premium Format with Oracle Think Tank can play this card.


Alchemagic is a new keyword for Cardfight!! Vanguard, and Alchemagic is an exclusive ability for Stoicheia. You activate the abilities of a Normal Order when you play it, and you may bind a Normal Order from the drop zone to activate its abilities. You gain the advantages of two cards!

In addition, Mysterious Rain Spiritualist, Zorga supports the keyword, Alchemagic. He can also superior call a unit from the drop zone. This ability has fantastic synergy with Black Tears Husk Dragon.

Furthermore, Stoicheia has useful Normal Orders for Alchemagic. Spiritual Body Condensation is a useful Normal Order for this keyword. This card superior calls a unit from the drop zone.

Card List:
Card No.NameGradeNationTypeRarity
D-BT01/001Vairina Valiente3Dragon EmpirePersona RideRRR+SP
D-BT01/002Heavy Artillery of Dust Storm, Eugene3Dragon EmpirePersona RideRRR+SP
D-BT01/003Master of Gravity, Baromagnes3Dark StatesPersona RideRRR+SP
D-BT01/004Diabolos Boys, Eden2Dark StatesRRR+SP
D-BT01/005Cardinal Deus, Orfist3Brandt GatePersona RideRRR+SP
D-BT01/006Aurora Battle Princess, Agarrar Rouge2Brandt GateRRR+SP
D-BT01/007Grand Heavenly Sword, Alden3Keter SanctuaryPersona RideRRR+SP
D-BT01/008Hexaorb Sorceress3Keter SanctuaryPersona RideRRR+SP
D-BT01/009Mysterious Rain Spiritualist, Zorga3StoicheiaPersona RideRRR+SP
D-BT01/010Sylvan Horned Beast, Gyunosla2StoicheiaRRR+SP
D-BT01/011Vairina Arcs2Dragon EmpireRR+SP
D-BT01/012Stealth Dragon, Tensha Stead1Dragon EmpireRR+SP
D-BT01/013Dragon Deity King of Resurgence, Dragveda0Dragon EmpireOverORR+SP
D-BT01/014Upward Acrobat, Marjorie3Dark StatesPersona RideRR+SP
D-BT01/015Steam Battler, Gungunuram1Dark StatesRR+SP
D-BT01/016Hades Dragon Deity of Resentment, Gallmageheld0Dark StatesOverORR+SP
D-BT01/017Hyperspeed Robo, Chevalstud1Brandt GateRR+SP
D-BT01/018Detonation Mutant, Bobalmine1Brandt GateRR+SP
D-BT01/019Star Dragon Deity of Infinitude, Eldobreath0Brandt GateOverORR+SP
D-BT01/020Knight of War Damage, Fosado3Keter SanctuaryPersona RideRR+SP
D-BT01/021Painkiller Angel1Keter SanctuaryRR+SP
D-BT01/022Light Dragon Deity of Honors, Amartinoa0Keter SanctuaryOverORR+SP
D-BT01/023Inheritance Maiden, Hendrina2StoicheiaRR+SP
D-BT01/024Spurring Maiden, Ellenia2StoicheiaRR+SP
D-BT01/025Source Dragon Deity of Blessings, Blessfavor0StoicheiaOverORR+SP
D-BT01/026Penetrate Dragon, Tribash3Dragon EmpirePersona RideR+H
D-BT01/027Cataclysmic Bullet of Dust Storm, Randor2Dragon EmpireR+H
D-BT01/028Dragritter, Dabbaax2Dragon EmpireR
D-BT01/029Stealth Rogue of Strife, Fudomaru2Dragon EmpireR
D-BT01/030Dragritter, Alwalith2Dragon EmpireR
D-BT01/031Twin Buckler Dragon1Dragon EmpireR+H+SP
D-BT01/032Phantasma Magician, Curtis3Dark StatesPersona RideR
D-BT01/033Electro Spartan2Dark StatesR+H
D-BT01/034Shadow Leak Magician2Dark StatesR
D-BT01/035Protobulb Dragon1Dark StatesR
D-BT01/036Recusal Hate Dragon1Dark StatesSentinelR+H+SP
D-BT01/037Crawl, you "Insects"!3Dark StatesNormal OrderR+H
D-BT01/038Granaroad Fairtigar3Brandt GatePersona RideR
D-BT01/039Cardinal Noid, Cubisia2Brandt GateR+H+SP
D-BT01/040Frigid Mutant, Drumler2Brandt GateR
D-BT01/041Fighting Dragon, Goldog Dragon2Brandt GateR
D-BT01/042Violate Dragon1Brandt GateSentinelR+H+SP
D-BT01/043Hollowing Moonlit Night2Brandt GateSet OrderR+H
D-BT01/044Dark Strain Dragon3Keter SanctuaryPersona RideR+H
D-BT01/045Great Snake Witch, Solaria3Keter SanctuaryPersona RideR
D-BT01/046Pentagleam Sorceress2Keter SanctuaryR+H
D-BT01/047Divine Sister, Tartine1Keter SanctuaryR+H
D-BT01/048Divine Sister, Faciata1Keter SanctuaryR
D-BT01/049Aegismare Dragon1Keter SanctuarySentinelR+H+SP
D-BT01/050Black Tears Husk Dragon2StoicheiaR+H+SP
D-BT01/051Sylvan Horned Beast, Aleio2StoicheiaR
D-BT01/052Planar Prevent Dragon1StoicheiaR+H+SP
D-BT01/053Cursed Souls Squirming in Agony3StoicheiaNormal OrderR
D-BT01/054Grief, Despair, and Rejection3StoicheiaNormal OrderR+H
D-BT01/055Spiritual Body Condensation 1StoicheiaNormal OrderR+H
D-BT01/056Stealth Dragon, Hadou Shugen3Dragon EmpirePersona RideC
D-BT01/057Stealth Rogue of Iron Blade, Oshikuni2Dragon EmpireC
D-BT01/058Dragritter, Zafar2Dragon EmpireC
D-BT01/059Extreme Dragon, Velocihazard1Dragon EmpireC
D-BT01/060Gunning of Dust Storm, Nigel1Dragon EmpireC+H
D-BT01/061Stealth Fiend, Shigamanago1Dragon EmpireC+H
D-BT01/062Double Gun of Dust Storm, Bart0Dragon EmpireC+H
D-BT01/063Contact Spark Dragon0Dragon EmpireCriticalC+H
D-BT01/064Express Dragon, Steeldilopho0Dragon EmpireDrawC+H
D-BT01/065Stealth Dragon, Jaengoku0Dragon EmpireFrontC+H
D-BT01/066White Light Dragon, Parasolas0Dragon EmpireHealC+H
D-BT01/067Sunlight Punishment3Dragon EmpireNormal OrderC
D-BT01/068Burn Bright, Pure Prayers2Dragon EmpireBlitz OrderC
D-BT01/069Selfish Engraver2Dark StatesC+H
D-BT01/070Soulful Wild Master, Megan 2Dark StatesC
D-BT01/071Eminence Jarboberos1Dark StatesC
D-BT01/072Steam Artist, Pithana1Dark StatesC
D-BT01/073Steam Detective, Uvaritt1Dark StatesC
D-BT01/074Direful Doll, Simone1Dark StatesC
D-BT01/075Deep Soniker1Dark StatesC+H
D-BT01/076Uncanny Burning0Dark StatesC+H
D-BT01/077Flinty Slasher0Dark StatesCriticalC+H
D-BT01/078Vital Reaver0Dark StatesDrawC+H
D-BT01/079Hackle Hustle0Dark StatesFrontC+H
D-BT01/080Steam Scara, Malnigal0Dark StatesHealC+H
D-BT01/081Tartarus Beatscram1Dark StatesBlitz OrderC
D-BT01/082Lightning Thief Monster, Jabattail3Brandt GatePersona RideC
D-BT01/083Grapple External2Brandt GateC
D-BT01/084Cardinal Noid, Routis1Brandt GateC+H+SP
D-BT01/085Electrode Monster, Adapton1Brandt GateC
D-BT01/086Useful Recharger1Brandt GateC
D-BT01/087Cardinal Fang, Phovi0Brandt GateC+H+SP
D-BT01/088Cardinal Draco, Barbisonde0Brandt GateCriticalC+H+SP
D-BT01/089Cardinal Fang, Fulgurus0Brandt GateDrawC+H
D-BT01/090Cardinal Draco, Abrard0Brandt GateFrontC+H
D-BT01/091Cardinal Prima, Navirem0Brandt GateHealC+H+SP
D-BT01/092Causality Goes Crazy as I Will It2Brandt GateNormal OrderC
D-BT01/093Lightning Barrier, Emergency Deployment!1Brandt GateBlitz OrderC
D-BT01/094In the Darkness Nobody Knows3Brandt GateSet OrderC+H
D-BT01/095Actual Analyst, Kokabiel3Keter SanctuaryPersona RideC
D-BT01/096Divine Sister, Lepisto3Keter SanctuaryPersona RideC
D-BT01/097Remission Sword, Fanuel3Keter SanctuaryPersona RideC
D-BT01/098Divine Sister, Pastelito2Keter SanctuaryC
D-BT01/099Tier Square Sorceress1Keter SanctuaryC+H
D-BT01/100Swordsman of Heavenly Winds, Wechel1Keter SanctuaryC
D-BT01/101Tri Connect Sorceress0Keter SanctuaryC+H
D-BT01/102White Fang Witch, Disma0Keter SanctuaryCriticalC+H
D-BT01/103Knight of Raise, Airfredo0Keter SanctuaryDrawC+H
D-BT01/104White Raven Sorcerer, Taxus0Keter SanctuaryFrontC+H
D-BT01/105Cycle Ring Sorceress0Keter SanctuaryHealC+H
D-BT01/106Swinging Sword of Judgement3Keter SanctuaryNormal OrderC
D-BT01/107Hopeful Testudo3Keter SanctuaryBlitz OrderC
D-BT01/108Noble of Wisdom, Edgar3StoicheiaPersona RideC
D-BT01/109Hydrolic Ram Dragon3StoicheiaPersona RideC
D-BT01/110Gloomy Tour1StoicheiaC
D-BT01/111Rancor Chain1StoicheiaC+H+SP
D-BT01/112Collusion Mutant, Admantis1StoicheiaC
D-BT01/113Dream Gnawing0StoicheiaC+H+SP
D-BT01/114Abyss Invitation0StoicheiaCriticalC+H+SP
D-BT01/115Lost Child of Love0StoicheiaDrawC+H
D-BT01/116Grudge Hatchet0StoicheiaFrontC+H
D-BT01/117Fairy of Elegy0StoicheiaHealC+H+SP
D-BT01/118Tearing Malice2StoicheiaNormal OrderC
D-BT01/119Ghost Chase2StoicheiaBlitz OrderC
D-BT01/120Sealed Road2StoicheiaBlitz OrderC
D-BT01/T01Shadow Army Token1Brandt Gate
D-BT01/DSR01Trickstar0Dragon EmpireDSR
D-BT01/DSR02Chakrabarthi Divine Dragon, Nirvana3Dragon EmpirePersona RideDSR

Overall, D Booster Set 01: Genesis of the Five Greats is a great introduction to Cardfight!! Vanguard overDress. The booster set provides updates for the start decks. Players can create new additional themes for new decks. In addition, D Booster Set 01: Genesis of the Five Greats is a great set for collectors. You can discovers multiple rarities of your favorite cards from this booster set!

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