ACG’s Most Watched Videos in 2014!

Awesome Card Games had 12,213 views on YouTube last year. It’s not a lot of views, but it is a personal best. Releasing more videos last year than I released 2013 made a positive increase in covering many trading card games. I did not get to shoot everything that I had plan for last year, but hopefully I will be able to shoot those ideas this year. This list is done with only views from 2014 and not the total amount of views that a video has to date.

Most Watched Cardfight!! Vanguard Video – The Awesome Cardfight Vanguard Random Booster Pack Opening!

My first booster pack opening featuring Cardfight!! Vanguard was released on December 22, 2012. It continued to build its views with 267 views in 2014. This is the first video in my series of random Cardfight!! Vanguard booster pack openings. It is also the only video in the series to date showing me pull a RRR card.

Most Watched Dark Chaos Video – Dark Chaos New Battle System: Battle Engine Symphony!

My game project Dark Chaos’s most watched video had 1,587 views and was my channel’s second most watched video. The video highlights the game’s current battle system developed by Yami and Yanfly. A side view battle system is my ideal battle system for every RPG game. I always prefer to see the characters take action instead of the default system that does not show the battlers in action.

Most Watched Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game Video – The Awesome Saiyan Saga Villain Starter Deck Opening

It comes to no surprise that the original Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game’s villain starter deck was the leading DBZ video on my channel with 220 views. Opening the deck gave me feelings of nostalgia when I was a pre-teen during DBZ CCG’s era. Life felt awesome by finally getting Raditz from the villain deck after searching over a decade for him.

Most Watched MegaMan Video – The Awesome Bass Starter Deck Opening!

The Legendary SuperNavi Bass.EXE had 120 views last year for his starter deck opening. It was the second starter deck that I open that features MegaMan Trading Card Game. Bass.EXE is one of my favorite characters in the Battle Network series for his ruthless and unforgiving attitude and being a part of Gospel’s plot. I can’t wait to get my hands on Protoman.EXE’s, SharkMan.EXE’s and TorchMan.EXE’s starter decks.

Most Watched Yu-Gi-Oh! Video – The Awesome Supreme Spellcasters Deck Profile

My one and only deck profile from 2014 was successful with 504 views. Dark Magician never fails to attract an audience. My Supreme Spellcasters deck is just a casual and fun deck that includes my favorite cards from Dark Magician Girl to Spellbook of Fate. The deck has gone through many changes last year and I will show them this year.

Most Watched RPG Maker Video – RPG Maker VX ACE Tutorial-How To Create A Boss Battle

My most watched RPG Maker video was my tutorial on how to create a boss battle with an amazing 4,995 views, and it was also my most watched video last year. It has mostly received likes and positive reviews, despite having a very low audio unless your volume is set on high. Boss battles are a key part in every RPG as the player finally gets to battle against one of the game’s featured antagonists. The battle’s cut scene plays an important role to continually tell the story.

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