Unit of The Week: Juggernaut Maximum

Smash to smithereens, Defensive Tackle!

[CONT](VC/RC):If you do not have another «Spike Brothers» vanguard or rear-guard, this unit gets [Power]-2000.
[AUTO](RC):[Soul Blast (1)] When this unit attacks, you may pay the cost. If you do, this unit gets [Power]+5000 until end of that battle, and at the beginning of the close step of that battle, return this unit to your deck, and shuffle your deck.

Offense sales tickets. Defense wins championships. Juggernaut Maximum is Spike Brothers’s starting defensive tackle. He earned his place in the starting lineup by being one of the best rear guards on the Spikes Brothers’s football team. He is known for his aggressive play on the field.

Furthermore, Juggernaut Maximum is a very powerful rear guard unit in Demonic Lord, Dudley Emperor’s, General Seifried’s, and Grateful Catapult’s decks. These decks can superior call him either from the deck or during the Twin Drive. His soul blast gives him an additional 5,000 power to give him a total of 16,000 power. In addition, Bad End Dragger’s Break Ride skill can give Juggernaut Maximum another 10,000 to make give him a total of 26,000 power.

To illustrate, Juggernaut Maximum doesn’t stop until the play ends. If your opponent blocked your vanguard’s attack and your Drive Check revealed a trigger(s), then give all effects to Juggernaut Maximum to unleash a full-scale attack. The attack will be very deadly if you’re able to give Juggernaut Maximum an extra critical from a critical trigger.

In closing, Juggernaut Maximum deserves Cray’s Defensive Player of the Year award. He hustles to be the battlefield when his vanguard leaders superior call him to the battlefield. He gives the opponent a lot of pressure in the mid and late game. His attacks come at full force by reaching very high numbers. His late game heroics will lead the Spike Brothers to victory!

Card Rating: 3 out of 5

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