Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Review: Magician of Black Chaos


ATK/2,800 DEF/2,600

You can Ritual Summon this card with “Black Magic Ritual”.

Magician of Black Chaos is one of the early ritual monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh!. This spellcaster gains his popularity from his first appearance in the anime. The impactful presentation from the anime does not reflect this card’s low value. Magician of Black Chaos is an awesome card in Yugi’s deck, but the spellcaster falls short in the actual game.

Ritual Summon:

Magician of Black Chaos has the standard requirements for ritual monsters from his time. He requires the spell card, Black Magic Ritual and a tribute of monsters with a total level of eight or greater. You must have the spell card and Magician of Black Chaos in your hand to perform the summon. It requires a lot of resources in the hand or on the field.

Furthermore, the ritual summon for Magician of Black Chaos has an absurd cost with Black Magic Ritual. This ritual monster requires two or three cards to summon a spellcaster without an effect. You may spend your resources on more effective monsters with strong effects instead of Magician of Black Chaos. Your resources may also be more effective cards than Magician of Black Chaos.

  • Alternative:

Chaos Form is a ritual spell card and it may also ritual summon Magician of Black Chaos. You need Blue-Eyes White Dragon from your hand, field, or graveyard for this ritual summon. Chaos Form needs to banish Blue-Eyes White Dragon and you may summon Magician of Black Chaos.

Therefore, Chaos Form requires less cards, and it is the best method to play this spellcaster. You only need a single monster for the ritual summon. You will still need Chaos Form, Magician of Black Chaos in your hand, and Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

Ritual Monster:

You do not gain a major advantage from Magician of Black Chaos. Magician of Black Chaos does not have an effect. You are playing this monster for his ATK and support from other spellcasters.

One of Magician of Black Chaos’s only benefits is his attack points. He has a respectable 2,800 ATK. He can have success in battle if you are able to protect him from the opponent.

In addition, Dark Magician Girl gains 300 ATK for each copy of Magician of Black and Chaos in your graveyard. You can create a strong offense with this pair of spellcasters. Dark Magician Girl’s ATK becomes 2,900 with three copies of Magician of Black Chaos in your graveyard.


Magician of Black Chaos like all monsters without effects need support from powerful cards. The Dark Magician and spellcasters in general have generic cards with useful effects. Those generic cards assist every spellcaster.

For instance, Spellbook of Wisdom is a good card to play alongside Magician of Black Chaos. This spell card prevents an opponent from affecting a spellcaster with a spell or trap. It provides protection for Magician of Black Chaos.

Play these cards with Magician of Black Chaos!

Anime Appearance:

Magician of Black Chaos makes his iconic appearance in episode 39 of Yu-Gi-Oh!. Yugi and Maximillion Pegasus are in the final turns of their epic duel. Yugi ritual summons Magician of Black Chaos and he defeats Maximillion Pegasus!

Furthermore, Magician of Black Chaos is a prime example of a card’s popularity comes from Yugi. The anime gives a presentation of a strong monster. It hypes the summoning of this monster. However, Magician of Black Chaos is a mediocre ritual monster by all standards in the game’s rich history.


Konami has retrained many cards throughout the years. Magician of Black Chaos was retrained into Magician of Black Chaos MAX. The new version of this monster is the better card than the original card.

Furthermore, Magician of Black Chaos MAX is a useful card for spellcasters. I recommend playing Magician of Black Chaos MAX instead of Magician of Black Chaos. He has effects unlike his predecessor. He prevents the opponent from activating effects and he adds a spell card from the graveyard to your hand.

Card Rating:

Overall, Magician of Black Chaos was never a great card for competitive decks. This card was novelty from the anime’s presentation of the monster. Like all normal monsters, Magician of Black Chaos needs a strong cast of support. I only recommend playing this card in a casual deck for spellcasters and the Dark Magician.

Card Rating: 1.5 out of 5 stars (1.5 / 5)

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