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Dr. Gero created powerful androids to get revenge against Goku. His ultimate weapon is the perfect warrior Cell. The mad scientist gathered DNA from the strongest fighters on Earth and was able to get DNA from Frieza and King Cold! However, Cell was only able to reach his full potential after absorbing Androids 17 and 18. Perfection was not enough to defeat the Z Fighters. Gohan unlocked his hidden powers to become the most powerful warrior on the Earth at the Cell Games. Cell was defeated by the Son of Goku.

Cell is an unique Main Personality. Cell is able to use every style in the game. He processes of genes from many races. Cell has access to a large amount of the name cards. He can use cards with Frieza’s Gohan’s, Goku’s, Piccolo’s, Trunks’s and Vegeta’s names. You have a lot of options on how you want to build a deck with Cell! Test different decks to find the right deck for you!

Cell is currently the strongest Main Personality in the game. He is designed to win by Life Deck victory. His level 4’s power level is 2,500,000! His power level completely destroys the current power scale. His physical attacks would knockout many weak characters with low power levels. His high power level makes him the perfect character in a Saiyan Style deck. He will have many hard hitting physical attacks to deal major damage. Damage from Saiyan Clothesline will double because Cell will have a higher power level than his opponent. He will quickly build his anger to reach his ultimate level in just a few turns.

Cell Imperfect

(This attack is considered Styled)
Power: Energy Attack
Destroy the top card of your Life Deck.
Damage: AT +3 stages.
HIT: If the top card of your discard pile is Styled, gain 3 stages.

Cell Imperfect’s ability is an Energy Attack that is also Styled. He lowers your opponent’s stages while he gains stages. A deck with mostly Styled cards will benefit from this ability. You will quickly gain power stages to reach higher levels than your opponent.

Cell Semi-Perfect

Your opponent’s non-Styled attacks cost +1 stage to perform.
Power: Use when entering combat. Banish a card from your hand to search your Life Deck for a Styled card and place it into your hand.

Cell’s power level reaches 1,400,000 million at his second level. His power level is far greater than every level two in the game. His first ability punishes your opponent for playing a non-Styled attack. The opposing Main Personality must pay an additional stage to perform the attack. At the start of combat, you may banish a card from your hand and draw a Styled card from your deck. You are exchanging one card for a better Styled card. Grab a defensive card if you are lacking defense or grab a powerful offensive card to dominate your opponent.

Cell Perfect

(You cannot win by MPPV if you advance a level with this card’s effect)
Power: Physical Attack
Damage from this attack cannot be prevented. At the end of combat, you may banish 5 cards from your opponent’s discard pile. If you do advance your MP 1 level.
Damage: 7 life cards.

Cell Perfect is the definition of perfection. He can perform a physical attack and deal 7 life cards of damage. His ability also negates Endurance. You may also advance him to the next level, but you will not be allowed to win by MPPV. Don’t worry about being unable to win my MPPV. You opponent will also not be able to win my MPPV with Cell Unstoppable’s power! You will gain a major advantage with your combo with level 3 and level 4! This ability also makes It’s Over 9,000 a great card. You can transition from level 2 to 4 in a single turn. Your opponent will also gain a level, but you can reverse if with Cell Unstoppable’s ability.

Cell Unstoppable

Power: Use when entering combat. Search your Life Deck for a Styled card and place it into your hand.
Power: You may lower your MP 1 level to lower your opponent’s MP 1 level.

Cell has reached a level beyond perfection with a power level over 2 million! Cell Unstoppable is the perfect card to counter MPPV decks. You have complete control over your opponent’s levels. You can continue the level 3 and level 4 combo to force your opponent to level one. Captain Ginyu has finally met his match! The Ginyu Force will lose advantages from Ginyu’s best skills when he is forced to level down to his weaker levels. Namekian Piccolo stands the best chance against Cell. All of Piccolo’s levels have strong skills with his deck. He can easily win with all seven Dragon Balls on his side of the field.

The Final Word

Cell is going to be a major player in the Dragon Ball Z Trading Card Game’s long run. He is an unstoppable forced of nature! He is the ultimate beat down deck with plenty of control on the board. His level three card and level four card make him a threat to any deck. Cell’s strategy is to control your opponent’s power levels and maintain his advantage as the strongest character on the field. Strong physical can do major damage to your opponent as Cell shatters the power scale. Your opponent is often losing power stages and may also lose a level. Your opponent will be forced to abandon his or her strategy to win by MPPV. Piccolo and Captain Ginyu will be sharing room with Cell as the best three decks in the game.

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