Video Game Franchises That Should Have Trading Card Games

Dragon Ball Z The Collectible Trading Game Card was one of the most successful trading card games based on an established franchise. There has not been a successful trading card game like it since its time. Many trading card games fail because too many gaming companies develop over complicated games. I think there are a few particular franchises that have the potential for very good cards to be based on them. I’m looking at franchises that have made great impact in culture and media. Of course they also have a strong fan base.

Super Mario

This list would not be legit without Super Mario. Mario is the face of the video game industry. Everybody knows about the Mushroom Kingdom’s greatest hero! I’m very surprised Nintendo never made a Super Mario trading card game. Nintendo have made every other possible merchandise for the hard working-plumber. It would not hurt Nintendo to take the chance. Loyal fans would buy every booster box and starter deck. A properly structured Mario card game would be amazing. It has so much potential to be a very entertaining game.


MegaMan had a trading card game based on the popular anime series MegaMan NT Warrior, MegaMan Trading Card Game by Decipher that only lasted for a few months because the game was poorly structured. However, the MegaMan series is still perfect for a trading card game. A gaming company has plenty of room to work with.

There are hundreds if not over a thousand MegaMan characters. I can finally play my dream battles like MegaMan versus Sigma, Zero versus Bass, and MegaMan EXE versus MegaMan X. This trading card game can only work if a player can play with many characters like the DBZ TCG game. Decipher made a huge mistake by limiting one character per player in MegaMan Trading Card Game. Let’s not forget the large section of weapons from every series. The game can be a successful with the amount of room to work with and a good system in place.

Sonic the Hedgehog 

Sonic is the fastest video game character to ever run in a stage! Sonic is Sega’s Mario. He has been featured in nearly every form of media. Let’s put him and his friends in an awesome trading card game! You can play as Sonic and friends or play as Dr. Eggman and his army of powerful robots. Shadow versus Mecha Sonic would be an epic match for the ages.

Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy had a card game released in Japan, but it was not released in English. Final Fantasy is a  perfect franchise for a trading card game because it has the medieval appeal. The early games’ settings are in worlds similar to the one displayed in Magic the Gathering. We have fire-breathing dragons, powerful gods, knights, kings, and of course corrupted empires.

The trading card game can use many elements from the video game series. Players can create a team of four warriors of light or an unholy alliance of evil. The trading card game would use the job system to give characters’ strengths and weaknesses.

Super Smash Brothers!

Super Smash Brothers is the perfect platform for a trading card game. Every video game series from every company can be in the game. The game would feature Super Mario, Sonic, Link, Locke, Zero, and so many more awesome video game characters! Characters who have never been in the video games can be playable in the card games. It has limitless possibilities.

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