V Preview: Royal Paladins

The V series is less than a month away. The Standard Format will officially start in the West on June 8th. Bushiroad is remastering cards with better skills to make the game easier for new players and some cards playable. Many of your favorite Royal Paladins return with new art and skills in Cardfight!! Vanguard V! Blaster Blade, Marron, Alfred, and Iseult are back! Most cards received a slight increase in power and shield.

The Royal Paladins have the Force Marker. A Marker can be placed on a circle when a grade 3 unit with a Marker rides the vanguard circle. The Force Marker is placed any circle to give 10,000 power to the card on the circle. The extra power from the Force Marker is only available during your turn. The Royal Paladins are swinging with a lot of power! You can place multiple Markers on one circle or you can put distribute your Markers across the field.

Flash Shield, Iseult

Perfect Guards are now draw triggers. The change in perfect guards’ grade is one of the most positive changes in the new format. Old draw triggers were not the most effective cards. They give you an extra card, but their effects were not great. Most draw triggers with effects have the effect of going into the soul to give power to a unit of your choosing. The new perfect guard can bypass restrictions from vanguards with skills to stop grade one cards being called from the hand to the guardian circle. Players have the options of choosing the original perfect guards for their names and skills or the new draw triggers for perfect guards.

Little Sage, Marron

Marron retains his power from his original card, and he now has a skill. He gains 3,000 power and you may draw a card after calling a rear-guard in the same column with Marron. Marron starts the strategy of replenishing resources after calling units to the field.

The new Blaster Blade!

Blaster Blade’s first skill is extremely powerful for rushing to a quick win. He can force a lot of pressure in the early game. He gains an extra critical if you have four or more rear-guards. Opponents must guard with a shield of 20,000 to avoid getting hit if Blaster Blade pulls a trigger to gain more power and maybe another critical damage. Then, his second skill retires a rear-guard in the front row. This version of Blaster Blade will replace the original Blaster Blade in the Premium Format. His higher power and solid skills are much better than the original card’s capabilities.

Alfred Early

Alfred Early is the featured grade 3 card from Aichi Sendou’s first V trial deck. He has the Force Marker. Alfred Early’s skill is similar to his predecessor’s skill. He superior calls Blaster Blade from the soul or your hand, and Blaster Blade gains 10,000 power. Then, you may draw a card if you called Blaster Blade. You may place the Force Marker on the same circle with Blaster Blade. This combo gives 20,000 power to Blaster Blade for the turn.

I am looking forward to seeing more new cards from my favorite clan, Royal Paladin. It is not surprising to see the game’s most popular clan to have a solid set. The Royal Paladins have a nice engine of drawing cards after calling units. This strategy maintains a player’s resources to regain cards to use for defense. A player can generate offense without sacrificing some defense. The Royal Paladins have skills to call units and you may draw a card after calling a unit. The Royal Paladins will continue to be one of the best clans in the game.

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