Unit of The Week: The Dark Dictator

My sword shall guide you into the dark abyss…

Sorry for missing last week’s Unit of The Week! I was so busy on campus that I forgot post it!

The King of Knights, Alfred’s Shadow Paladin double is The Dark Dictator! His first skill is very unique As the Vanguard The Dark Dictator gains 2,000 power for every rear guard Shadow Paladin! Unlike most Shadow Paladin units The Dark Dictator benefits from having additional units around him instead of killing off his allies. His second skill is also really good. His soul blast will add 5,000 power to two rear guard units. This skill is really good when pushing for game!

One comment

  1. A good unit for ending the game, as the soulblast will bump up your rear guards in power and force the opponent to have to guard more, especially at 4 and 5 damage. However this skill is only available when you ride, not whenever you want, being the real only drawback I see in this card. While not being able to hit the 21k mark might also put him at a slight disadvantage, he can still put on decent pressure, and especially annoy opponents who have a vanguard with 10k or less power.
    Also useful because he doesn't have any counterblast skills, leaving those open for other cards to use.

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