Unit of The Week: Perfect Guards

This week is a special edition of Unit of The Week. I’m not discussing just one unit. I’m discussing the all-important Perfect Guards! You know all about them and love them when they save you in battle. Perfect Guards are our vanguards’ ultimate protectors!

Perfect guards are a must have in every deck. They can block almost every attack in the game. A Perfect Guard can be the difference between winning and losing a game. That’s why perfect guards are so important in the game. They are the difference makers in the late game. Grade 3 vanguards can rep up critical damage and the power beyond a player’s current shielding options. Also players cannot take a risk by guarding against strong grade 3 units with grade 1’s and grade 2’s because an opponent could get the triggers he or she needs to break through the shield.

More importantly, Perfect Guards have many important uses. Perfect Guards have the same abilities as other grade 1 units. They can ride the vanguard circle and they can be called to the rear guard to boost attacking units. If a player’s starting hand’s only grade 1 is a perfect guard then he or she can ride it.Furthermore, every deck should run the maximum 4 perfect guards. There’s no debate about this subject matter. 4 Perfect Guards give the player the best chance of drawing one than having less than 4 Perfect Guards. Any deck with less than 4 Perfect Guards is at a huge disadvantage. You would have a smaller chance of drawing a Perfect Guard. Give yourself the best opportunity to draw a Perfect Guard by having 4 in the deck.

In addition, Summoning Jewel Knight, Gloria changes the game! Gloria is a new type of guard known as Quintet Wall who doesn’t require a player to discard a cost to activate its effect. Instead Gloria’s skill requires the player to call the deck’s top five cards to the guardian circle. Cardfight!! Vanguard experts estimated that the average shield will be 25,000. 25,000 shield combined with the vanguard’s power is powerful enough to block most attacks. She can conflict with the deck’s amount of Perfect Guards because she is also has the Sentinel limit. Keep this in mind if you’re going to add Gloria or any future Quintet Wall units in your deck.

In conclusion, every deck needs 4 perfect guards especially in the game’s current state. Perfect Guards are indeed the perfect defense against almost any attack. Don’t worry about the cost of buying a Perfect Guard. Perfect Guards’ prices are falling due to reprints or new Perfect Guards for clans. You’re be able to have 4 Perfect Guards in your deck in no time! Now get your decks read and play Cardfight!! Vanguard!

Card Rating: 5 out of 5

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