Unit of The Week: Flare Arms, Ziegenburg

Feast on the terror of a real battlefield to the core! 

[Stride]-Stride Step-[Choose one or more cards with the sum of their grades being 3 or greater from your hand, and discard them] Stride this card on your (VC) from face down.
[ACT](VC)[1/Turn]:[Soul Blast (1) & Choose a face down card from your G zone with the same card name as this unit, and turn it face up] Choose one of your opponent’s rear-guards, and retire it.
[AUTO](VC)[1/Turn] Generation Break 3:[Counter Blast (1) & Choose the same number of cards from your hand as the number of your opponent’s rear-guards, and discard them] At the end of the battle that this unit attacked, if this unit is blazing, you may pay the cost. If you do, [Stand] this unit, and it gets drive -2.

Bushiroad released a wave of new G-Units with the skills to stand after attacking an opponent’s vanguard. These G-Units are be found in Demonic Advent and Dragon King’s Awakening. Flare Arms, Ziegenburg represents Kagero in this lineup. His skills require the Blaze ability. Blaze becomes active when you have more rear-guards than your opponent. You can see him in action in Cardfight!! Vanguard G Next and Cardfight!! Vanguard G Z!

Flare Arms, Ziegenburg’s first skill is a very simple skill. Once per turn, you may choose one of your opponent’s rear-guards, and retire it. This ability to retire a unit can enable Blaze. You may need to call a few units to also fulfill the requirement. Stride Flare Arms, Ziegenburg on Dragonic Blademaster “Kouen”, and Kouen’s skill for G-Units will retire an additional unit. Always choose your opponent’s more effective rear-guards to retire from the field.

Play these cards with Flare Arms, Ziegenburg!
  • Dragonic Blademaster “Kouen”
  • Lizard Soldier, Raopia

The second skill requires Generation Break Three. Ziegenburg stands after attacking a vanguard and he loses two drive checks. A single drive check can be the difference between defeat and victory. The best outcomes are clearing your opponent’s entire field or leaving one rear-guard on his or her field. You do not need to discard any cards if your opponent does not have any rear-guards and your hand’s size will only increase!

Finally, Ziegenburg is Kagero’s best G-unit to set up Generation Break 8. Playing him twice will place four G-Units face up in your G-zone. You just need to use your G-Guardians or more G-Units to have enough cards to play Generation Break 8. Supreme Heavenly Emperor Dragon, Blazing Burst Dragon will be ready to destroy your opponent’s formation. Your rear-guards will be powered up to crush the opposition.

Overall, Flare Arms, Ziegenburg is an intense G-Unit. His style to set up his Generation Break 3 is very strong. He is constantly pressuring the opponent with his first skill and two powerful attacks at the vanguard. His skill retires rear-guards and his second attack can be stacked with triggers. Opponents will be put in a tight situation. They are losing rear-guards and must defend with a lot of resources. He has the coolest theme in anime. I can feel the tension rising during the battle phase.

Card Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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