Standard Deck List: Magus

Standard Deck Profile Magus

I like Magus’s strategy to manipulate the deck and gain additional drive checks. Magus has the perfect balance of offense and defense. Their amazing effects allow me to draw additional cards to strength my defense. In addition, they have skills to increase their power or my triggers’ power.

Deck List

Grade 0: 17

  • Battle Sister, Ginger x4 (Critical Trigger)
  • Lozgnge Magus x 1 (Starter)
  • Psychic Bird x4 (Critical Trigger)
  • Sphere Magus x4 (Heal Trigger)
  • Weather Forecaster, Miss Mist x4 (Draw Trigger/Sentinal)

Grade 1: 13

  • Circle Magus x2
  • Cuore Magus x4
  • Oracle Guardian Gemini x4
  • Ripis Magus x3

Grade 2: 12

Grade 3: 8

My Winning Image

My deck’s strategy is drawing cards for a strong defense, and swinging powerful attacks with three or more drive checks from my vanguards. Magus’s specialty is manipulating the deck by placing triggers on top of the deck. My units are constantly pressuring my opponent with strong attacks. In addition, their skills draw cards to strengthen my defenses. The deck’s defensive strategy protects me from my opponent’s best units. I will outlast my opponent and seal the game with Pentagonal Magus’s Falling Pentagon!

My Vanguards

Magus Cardfight!! Vanguard

Pentagonal Magus is the deck’s headliner. She leads the way to victory for the deck. I am only playing two copies of her because I have a high probability of drawing her with my cards’ effects. Pentagonal Magus is a strong finisher for the deck. Her abilities to add 5,000 power to triggers and performing five drive checks devastate my opponents. It is an intense turn when she becomes the vanguard as she pressure my opponent into a corner.

Furthermore, Fusilli Magus is the newest Magus in the deck. She gives 10,000 power and an extra drive check to my vanguard! I am getting feelings from the G era with Triple Drive! Her ability increases my chances of checking triggers. I also gain an additional card for the turn. Thus, my defenses are further strengthen.


My rears-guards control the flow of the game by manipulating the deck. Many cards in the deck help draw additional cards such as Circle Magus and Rectangle Magus. I am building a large hand for an unbreakable defense. Also, Cuore Magus and Rectangle Magus help stack the deck with triggers. They rearrange my deck’s top cards for I can draw cards that I want, and stack triggers on top of the deck.

Promise Daughter is one of the few cards without Magus in the name. She is a good offensive rear-guard and is an attacker with 15,000 power. Her power easily rises to 30,000 with a trigger and Pentagonal Magus’s ability. Furthermore, control decks with skills to retire units such as Kagero cannot easily retire her. However, she is vulnerable to Link Joker and Narukami.

Counter Charge and Soul Charge!

Finally, I need to balance my resources to pay for abilities, and Oracle Guardian Gemini is the man for the job. Oracle Guardian Gemini is a very valuable card for Oracle Think Tank. He counter charges your damage, and he goes to your soul. He is the perfect package in one card. Many units in this deck need to counter blast and soul blast to pay for their abilities. I have a good balance of resources due to Oracle Guardian Gemini.

The Final Word

Magus is one of my favorite archetypes in the standard format. Magus has a smooth engine, and is one of the most consistent archetypes in Cardfight!! Vanguard. It fits my style of a strong defense. Offense sales tickets and defense wins championships. Magus can also pack a powerful offense with many triggers. I will be playing this deck for a very long time. The deck will be upgraded when new cards are released for the deck.

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