Yugioh Memories of the Duel King and Dark Magician of Illusions!

Can you believe it? Yu-Gi-Oh! has been with us for 15 long years! Konami is going to have a huge celebration! Konami will celebrate by releasing a brand new Yugi starter deck, Memories of the Duel King. Yu-Gi-Oh! Memories of the Duel King is the newest Yugi starter deck. The deck will feature ultra-rare versions of Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl, and both cards have their original artworks! The deck comes with 41 cards, 55 sleeves, a storage case, 2 promos, a 15th anniversary token, and an achieve. It is set to be released on March 8th in Japan!

Dark Magician of Illusions appears to be one of the two promos in Memories of the Duel King. Dark Magician of Illusions is a ranked 7 Spellcaster XYZ monster. His effect and summoning conditions have not been revealed!


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