D Booster Set 02: A Brush with the Legends

D Booster Set 02 A Brush with the Legends

D Booster Set 02: A Brush with the Legends is the second booster set for the D Series of Cardfight!! Vanguard. This booster set contains new cards for all five nations.

In addition, classic units from Cardfight!! Vanguard encounter Cardfight!! Vanguard: overDress in the D-Standard Format! These classic units are the new type of card, Encounter Cards. Dragonic Overlord, Phantom Blaster Dragon, Blaster Dark, and other units appear in this set.

  • D Booster Set 02: A Brush with the Legends includes 120 cards.
  • Each display includes a Fighters Counter at random choice in each box.
  • This booster box’s slogan is “The battle will be further “intensified”!”.
  • Brandt Gate
  • Dark States
  • Dragon Empire
  • Keter Sanctuary
  • Stoicheia
Encounter Cards:

Encounter Cards - Cardfight Vanguard

Classic units from the legacy of Cardfight!! Vanguard return for the new format! D Booster Set 02: A Brush with the Legends introduces a new type of card for the game, Encounter Cards. An Encounter Card is a unit from a nation and clan from the original formats of Cardfight!! Vanguard. These cards have new artwork and abilities.

Furthermore, you can only play an Encounter Card with its clan in the Premium format. For example, you may play Dragonic Overlord (D Series) in a deck with Dragon Empire in the D-Format and a deck with Kagero in the Premium Format. The rule of a limit of four cards with the same name in a deck still apply.

List of Encounter cards from D Booster Set 02: A Brush with the Legends!
  • Blaster Dark
  • Dragonic Overlord
  • Phantom Blaster Dragon
Brandt Gate:

The Aurora Battle Princesses gain unique support in D Booster Set 02: A Brush with the Legends. They receive grade 2 units with useful skills for offense and defense. Aurora Battle Princess, Perio Turquoise punishes the opponent after he or she frees a rear-guard from your prison. The opponent’s rear-guard loses 5,000 power after the opponent frees it from the prison.

In addition, Aurora Battle Princess, Derii Violet is a perfect guard in the body of a grade 2 rear-guard. She negates attacks from grade 2 or lower units. This defensive ability is a useful skill against most nations and decks.

Dark States:

Final Rush and Diabolos, “Violence” Bruce get new support. The most impressive new unit for Final Rush is Diabolos Jetbacker, Lenard. This new card has impressive abilities. Diabolos Jetbacker, Lenard attacks all units in a column during Final Rush. You also gain an advantage from his second ability. Diabolos Jetbacker, Lenard superior calls a unit from the soul to be a new attacker.

Dragon Empire:

Dragonic Overlord is the most anticipated card in D Booster Set 02: A Brush with the Legends. He has modern versions of his abilities from his original card. Dragonic Overlord is able to stand after battle and unleash a second attack. This is a common ability with the character, but he has a new addition to his abilities. An opponent is unable to call cards from hand to the guardian circle when Dragonic Overlord battles a rear-guard!

We also have new support for Trickstar and overDress. Vairina Erger is the newest unit with the ability of overDress on top of Trickstar. These cards form a dynamic duo with impressive offense! Vairina Erger activates overDress in your hand and places itself on Trickstar after battle. In addition, Vairina Erger gains 10,000 power and 10,000 shield at all times in the overDress state.

Keter Sanctuary:

D Booster Set 02: A Brush with the Legends provides new support for Keter Sanctuary’s aggressive strategy with grade 3 units! Heavenly Bow of Guidance, Lefersos is one of the nation’s RRR of the booster set. Heavenly Bow of Guidance, Lefersos provides additional offense to the field. This grade 3 unit can boost his comrades in the front row. In addition, Heavenly Bow of Guidance, Lefersos stands after a unit stands from a card’s effect

Phantom Blaster Dragon is one of the Encounter Cards in D Booster Set 02: A Brush with the Legends. His abilities are similar to previous versions of the card. Phantom Blaster Daron retires his comrades to gain 10,000 power and an additional critical. In addition, this vanguard also retires two of the opponent’s rear-guards.

In addition, Blaster Dark gets a new card for the D-Standard Format. This card gains a drive check when it is the vanguard or rear-guard. Your Blaster Dark on a rear-guard circle will have a drive check with the potential to increase his power. This ability fits the Keter Sanctuary’s aggressive offense.


D Booster Set 02: A Brush with the Legends provides new support for Sylvan Horned Beast King, Magnolia. This particular deck enables rear-guards with the ability to attack from the back row. You can pressure the opponent with an onslaught of attacks.

Sylvan Horned Beast, Damainaru complements the deck. This new unit enables a rear-guard to attack from the back row and this unit gives 5,000 power to the rear-guard. Sylvan Horned Beast, Damainaru increases your offensive capabilities.

Card List:
Card No.NameGradeNationTypeRarity
D-BT02/001Dragonic Overlord3Dragon EmpirePersona RideRRR+SP
D-BT02/002Vairina Elgar2Dragon EmpireRRR+SP
D-BT02/003Crimson Expeller2Dark StatesRRR+SP
D-BT02/004Diabolos Jetbacker, Lenard2Dark StatesRRR+SP
D-BT02/005Cardinal Draco, Alviderd2Brandt GateRRR+SP
D-BT02/006Aurora Battle Princess, Perio Turquoise2Brandt GateRRR+SP
D-BT02/007Heavenly Bow of Guidance, Lefersos3Keter SanctuaryPersona RideRRR+SP
D-BT02/008Phantom Blaster Dragon3Keter SanctuaryPersona RideRRR+SP
D-BT02/009Sylvan Horned Beast, Damainaru2StoicheiaRRR+SP
D-BT02/010Rogue Headhunter1StoicheiaRRR+SP
D-BT02/011Blaze Fist Monk, Damari3Dragon EmpirePersona RideRR+SP
D-BT02/012Stealth Dragon, Togachirashi1Dragon EmpireRR+SP
D-BT02/013Dragritter, Idris1Dragon EmpireRR+SP
D-BT02/014Cleave Muddler2Dark StatesRR+SP
D-BT02/015Wild Master, Darius2Dark StatesRR+SP
D-BT02/016Diabolos Madonna, Mabel1Dark StatesRR+SP
D-BT02/017Aurora Battle Princess, Derii Violet2Brandt GateRR+SP
D-BT02/018Cardinal Noid, Thumborino1Brandt GateRR+SP
D-BT02/019Gluttonic Monster, Malnorm1Brandt GateRR+SP
D-BT02/020Heavenly Flight Dragon, Prideful Dragon3Keter SanctuaryPersona RideRR+SP
D-BT02/021Stellar Razor Angel2Keter SanctuaryRR+SP
D-BT02/022Diamond Sorceress1Keter SanctuaryRR+SP
D-BT02/023Deep Emotion Maiden, Urjula1StoicheiaRR+SP
D-BT02/024Regurgitation from the Underworld3StoicheiaNormal OrderRR+SP
D-BT02/025Wild Intelligence0StoicheiaNormal OrderRR+SP
D-BT02/026Strong Fortress Dragon, Jibrabrachio2Dragon EmpireR+H
D-BT02/027Dragon Knight, Nehalem2Dragon EmpireR+H+SP
D-BT02/028Berserk Dragon2Dragon EmpireR+H+SP
D-BT02/029Blaze Maiden, Tanya2Dragon EmpireR+H
D-BT02/030Blaze Maiden, Parama0Dragon EmpireFrontR+H+SP
D-BT02/031Horn of Blessing3Dragon EmpireNormal OrderR+H
D-BT02/032Time Jarate Dragon3Dark StatesPersona RideR+H
D-BT02/033Diabolos Edge, Grantlee2Dark StatesR+H
D-BT02/034Freeze Breeze1Dark StatesR+H
D-BT02/035Diabolos Girls, Natalia0Dark StatesFrontR+H+SP
D-BT02/036Abnormality Extraction3Dark StatesNormal OrderR+H
D-BT02/037Hellblast Full Dive3Dark StatesNormal OrderR+H
D-BT02/038Cardinal Noid, Plasteia3Brandt GatePersona RideR+H
D-BT02/039Cardinal Fang, Marisma2Brandt GateR+H
D-BT02/040Cardinal Prima, Ecolpa1Brandt GateR+H
D-BT02/041Whimsical Machine Beast, Bugmotor1Brandt GateR+H
D-BT02/042Cardinal Draco, Enpyro0Brandt GateFrontR
D-BT02/043Moment of Securing! Aurora Battle Princesses 24 Hours Coverage!2Brandt GateNormal OrderR
D-BT02/044Knight of Subtlety, Owine2Keter SanctuaryR+H+SP
D-BT02/045Darkness Maiden, Macha2Keter SanctuaryR+H+SP
D-BT02/046Blaster Dark2Keter SanctuaryR+H+SP
D-BT02/047Witch of Entertainment, Brana1Keter SanctuaryR+H
D-BT02/048Bard of Heavenly Song, Alpacc0Keter SanctuaryFrontR
D-BT02/049Form Up, O Chosen Knights3Keter SanctuaryNormal OrderR
D-BT02/050Sylvan Horned Beast, Ilayta 3StoicheiaPersona RideR
D-BT02/051Fleet Eater2StoicheiaR
D-BT02/052Fairy of Blighted Love1StoicheiaR
D-BT02/053Beauty Pulling the Sleeve1StoicheiaR
D-BT02/054Frenzied Heiress0StoicheiaFrontR
D-BT02/055Nectar of Sensations2StoicheiaNormal OrderR
D-BT02/056Volcanic Gun Dragon3Dragon EmpirePersona RideC
D-BT02/057Crossrock Dragon2Dragon EmpireC+H
D-BT02/058Dragritter, Nasir2Dragon EmpireC
D-BT02/059Armored Dragon, Mountcannon2Dragon EmpireC
D-BT02/060Dragon Monk, Gojo1Dragon EmpireC+H+SP
D-BT02/061Stealth Dragon, Kizanreiji1Dragon EmpireC
D-BT02/062Blaze Fist Monk, Enten1Dragon EmpireC
D-BT02/063Blaze Maiden, Aruna1Dragon EmpireC
D-BT02/064Embodiment of Armor, Bahr1Dragon EmpireC+H+SP
D-BT02/065Blaze Maiden, Zara1Dragon EmpireC
D-BT02/066Lizard Runner, Undeux0Dragon EmpireC+H+SP
D-BT02/067Flame Dragon Bomber2Dragon EmpireNormal OrderC
D-BT02/068Prayers That Will Reach Someday2Dragon EmpireBlitz OrderC
D-BT02/069Steam Knight, Pashaltatar3Dark StatesPersona RideC+H
D-BT02/070Spiracle Splasher3Dark StatesPersona RideC
D-BT02/071Diabolos Attacker, Irving3Dark StatesPersona RideC
D-BT02/072Persistent Icicle, Jevinna3Dark StatesPersona RideC
D-BT02/073Steam Artist, Napir2Dark StatesC
D-BT02/074Diabolos Madonna, Viola2Dark StatesC
D-BT02/075Pestilent Talon2Dark StatesC
D-BT02/076Surveillance Gear Dober1Dark StatesC
D-BT02/077Cyclone Cycler1Dark States
D-BT02/078Steam Engineer, Pepelli1Dark StatesC+H
D-BT02/079Diabolos Boys, Chester1Dark StatesC
D-BT02/080Deformed Hammer1Dark StatesC
D-BT02/081Special, "Violence" Yell3Dark StatesBlitz OrderC
D-BT02/082Cardinal Draco, Zeljio3Brandt GatePersona RideC
D-BT02/083Aurora Battle Princess, Mel Horizon3Brandt GatePersona RideC
D-BT02/084Hard Fist Dragon, Metalknuckler Dragon3Brandt GatePersona RideC
D-BT02/085Twisting Bulldoze3Brandt GatePersona RideC
D-BT02/086Cardinal Fang, Istalate2Brandt GateC+H
D-BT02/087Aurora Battle Princess, Billate Canary2Brandt GateC+H
D-BT02/088Harmful Bite Monster, Zabokarni2Brandt GateC
D-BT02/089Cardinal Prima, Altepo1Brandt GateC
D-BT02/090Aurora Battle Princess, Loaded Azalee1Brandt GateC
D-BT02/091Aurora Battle Princess, Whopper Prune1Brandt GateC
D-BT02/092Whirlpool Robo, Ramdrought1Brandt GateC
D-BT02/093Explode! Melting Heart!2Brandt GateBlitz OrderC
D-BT02/094Eroding Moonlight2Brandt GateSet OrderC
D-BT02/095Wielens Dragon3Keter SanctuaryPersona RideC
D-BT02/096Octareward Sorceress3Keter SanctuaryPersona RideC
D-BT02/097Heavenly Staff of Kind Intention, Cortese3Keter SanctuaryPersona RideC
D-BT02/098Heavenly Blade of Magnificence, Bestida3Keter SanctuaryPersona RideC
D-BT02/099Divine Sister, Petit-four2Keter SanctuaryC
D-BT02/100Knight of Heavenly Collapse, Capaldo2Keter SanctuaryC
D-BT02/101Additional Angel1Keter SanctuaryC
D-BT02/102Magic of Advancement, MelCoCo1Keter SanctuaryC
D-BT02/103Knight of Heavenly Thundering, Leedy1Keter SanctuaryC
D-BT02/104Blaster Javelin1Keter SanctuaryC+H+SP
D-BT02/105Black Sage, Charon1Keter SanctuaryC+H+SP
D-BT02/106Fullbau0Keter SanctuaryC+H+SP
D-BT02/107Sublime Will3Keter SanctuaryBlitz OrderC
D-BT02/108Schuldfisher Dragon3StoicheiaPersona RideC
D-BT02/109Iron Anchor Resentment Dragon3StoicheiaPersona RideC
D-BT02/110Coffin Shooting2StoicheiaC+H
D-BT02/111Sylvan Horned Beast, Bojalcon2StoicheiaC
D-BT02/112Shooting Mutant, Bulletwasp2StoicheiaC
D-BT02/113Roaring Pistil, Langina2StoicheiaC
D-BT02/114Unity Brave Shooter2StoicheiaC
D-BT02/115Sylvan Horned Beast, Tearuve1StoicheiaC
D-BT02/116Lady Demolish1StoicheiaC
D-BT02/117Sylvan Horned Beast, Bilbar1StoicheiaC+H
D-BT02/118Sylvan Horned Beast, Crocotte1StoicheiaC
D-BT02/119Fruitful Season2StoicheiaNormal OrderC
D-BT02/120Overcoming the Unnatural Death1StoicheiaNormal OrderC+H

Overall, D Booster Set 02: A Brush with the Legends is a strong set for the D-Standard Format. It lives up to its name. The return of classic units such as Dragonic Overlord (D Series) adds value to the booster set. Players can upgrade their current decks with new cards for every nation.

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