Card Fighter Spotlight: Toshiki Kai

Toshiki Kai is considered by fans to be the best player in the anime. Cool, Calm, and Confident Kai will best any opponent who stands in his way of victory! Kai’s overall record is 25-2. His only loses were against Ren and Leon who both cheated by using Psy Quila. To many his record maybe considered to be 25-0 or 27-0(two wins are given to him because of cheating).

Control Decks

Kai prefers to play clans that can control the field. Kagero has a line of units that have the ability to retire opponents’ rear guard units. On the other Narukami focuses on controlling the field during the late game. Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion attacks the entire front row which prevents and most likely retire potential intercepting units.

The Master of Kagero

Furthermore, Kai has mastered some of the most difficult cards to play. His season one avatar is Dragonic Overlord. A good player mus know when to use Dragonic Overlord’s skill. Furthermore, Kai started to use Dragonic Overlord’s skill as a rear guard unit to retain twin drive. At the first National Championship Kai used Dragonic Overlord’s skill to crush Kyou. Kai timed Dragonic Overlord’s skill perfectly. He was able to set up himself up to use the skill twice before Kyou realized what Kai did. Kyou was able to defend himself against the Dragonic Overlord’s first attack. However, due to a heal trigger Kai was prepared to use the skill during his deck turn. Kyou did not have any defensive options to protect his rear guard and vanguard thus losing the game.

Kai’s Knowledge

Finally, Toshiki Kai’s most impressive skill is his knowledge of the game. Unlike most players, Kai knows every unit’s skill and clan’s theme. Due to this advantage he is able to disrupt his opponent’s offensive and defensive strategies. This advantage also helps him stay calm in card fights. During Kai’s battle with Mutsuki, Mutsuki returned Edel Rose to the deck hoping that Kai would believe that he only had one copy. However, Kai knew Mutsuki’s strategy because Mutsuki needed Edel Rose. Kai saved a perfect guard because he knew Mutsuki had another copy of Edel Rose. This proves that Kai knows what his opponents are going to throw at him.

In conclusion, Toshiki Kai is undoubtedly the best player in the anime. There is no player in the anime who comes close to Kai’s level! He has mastered the Kagero and Narukai clans. Toshiki Kai is a bad man! He defeats his opponents in pure domination. Now witness true vanguard!

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