Card Fighter Spotlight: Aichi Sendou Part 1-A Card Fighter’s Journey

I’ve been dying to write about this young man for a long time. The time has come to put Aichi Sendou into the spotlight! Part 1 focuses on the beginning of Aichi’s journey. Aichi was a very sloppy and bad player. He was determined to improve his skills for he will be able to challenge Kai to a real fight. Everyone starts at that same point. New card fighters will learn how to become better players by playing Cardfight!! Vanguard.

Aichi was a beginner at the start of the series. He made a Royal Paladin deck to play against Kai, and never played against anyone. Kai taught him the basic rules. Aichi jumps right in with basic plays just like any beginner would for the very first time.

Surprisingly, Aichi didn’t know what a grade 3 unit is. His Royal Paladin deck didn’t have a grade 3 unit until episode 5. This is shocking because he played against Kai who uses Dragonic Overlord. Furthermore, he built a deck. How did he get his cards? Did he buy a defective trial deck that was missing a grade 3 or did he buy a lot of booster packs?

In addition, Aichi’s deck had major issues. His card lineup was all over the place. Aichi’s deck’s heart and soul was Blaster Blade. He is regularly refers to Blaster Blade as his “avatar”. King of Knights, Alfred and Soul Savior Dragon became Aichi’s ace grade 3 bosses. He relied on them in many of his matches. However, he only has one copy of each card. If he didn’t draw the cards then he would be in a very bad situation.

Furthermore, Aichi had a problem guarding too early in the game. Aichi was very drunk on guarding. He tried to guard nearly every attack in his first few games. This often led to him lacking enough cards to guard with in the late game. He ran out of cards during his first match against Misaki. “The Great One” Kamui mentions Aichi’s misplays in their very first match. Kamui said Aichi didn’t need to guard against the early attacks. His defending was totally unnecessary. It cost him the game because he didn’t have enough cards to guard with in the late game.

Finally, Aichi’s biggest weakness was his lack of knowledge. He didn’t know opposing clan’s abilities and strategies. He wasn’t able to counter his opponent’s game plans. Everything came as a surprise to him. This confused and flustered him as he responded with many misplays.

In conclusion, Aichi was having a very hard time at the start. He was just learning the ropes. A weak card fighter will have his ups and downs. Becoming a great card fighter is a long process that requires plenty of practice. Aichi is on his way to becoming the world’s strongest card fighter. Be sure to turn in for Part 2 when I discuss Aichi’s development in the second half of season 1!

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