Awesome Card Fights!

My loyal readers know Awesome Card Games now features real life games on the YouTube channel. There are a variety of clans and decks in games. I try to keep my content fresh! This is the one of the two reasons why I have added more decks in my collection. Last year I started filming games with my Iphone5. The early videos were not too good because I used a small tripod. Later in 2015 I finally bought a taller tripod that is currently used for my current videos.

There are benefits of filming our own games. I study film from every game. The first thing I look for are misplays in my videos. I become frustrated with myself for making mistakes in the games. Ideas and combos are thought about while building decks, but misplays still occur in games. My locals is hosting its first every Cardfight!! Vanguard tournament. Hopefully my training will pay off.

Most of my decks have Legion vanguards. Legion is my favorite format in Cardfight!! Vanguard. The majority of my videos feature Legion. Now I have crossed over to Generation Break and Stride decks. I am still getting accustomed to using abilities such as the Stride Bonus skill. I often forget to activate these abilities. This is a really bad habit. I am missing out on making critical plays in games.

Awesome Card Fights: Blue Storm Legion VS Revengers

Two weeks ago I was testing Blue Storm Legion. It is the more conformed version of my original Aqua Force deck. The original deck had random cards from various formats, but a few staples such as Tidal Assault. Blue Storm Legion is a more consistent deck as it is based on a single theme. The  cards have great chemistry with each other. I will be posting a deck profile on Blue Storm Legion very soon!

Awesome Card Fights: Gold Paladins VS Kagero Game 1

Gold Paladins was the second clan that I played. I finally upgraded the deck with the new cards from Cardfight!! Vanguard G. The deck is finally completed after getting Knight of The Sun. It has the final cards that my deck needs to be complete.

This match features the Gold Paladins and Kagero. My deck was not close to being completed at the time of the game. I was playing cards from the first Gold Paladin trial deck. However, the Gold Paladins overcame the odds. I quickly won the match thanks to triggers in the mid game. My opponent could not guard the gold rush!

Awesome Card Fights: Dark Irregulars VS Seekers

My Seekers deck was completed early this year. This deck has not failed me yet! I spent all of my money from Christmas on this deck. I played the deck against my friend’s Dark Irregulars deck. The Seekers came out on top in the game. Seeker, Light Saver Dragon’s ability gave a huge power bonus to my entire formation. All three columns benefited from the skill. My friend was unable to stop my Seekers final attacks.

The Final Word

Which decks would you like to see in future matches? I have a large library of decks ready to play! My collection of decks will continue to grow as new booster sets and decks are released by Bushiroad. Please leave me feedback on my videos. I want to continue to improve my skills and videos. I want to provide the best content as possible. Progression is the key to success. Be sure to check more awesome card fights at my channel!

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