Structure Deck Review: Synchron Extreme

Synchron Extreme is the latest structure deck by Konami. Get ready to duel in the fast lane! The structure deck is based on Yusei Fudo’s deck in the anime. It includes one of his signature monsters Junk Warrior. It includes two ultra rare cards and two super rare cards! I was not playing Yu-Gi-Oh! during Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s run on TV. I am finally experiencing the Synchro era much later than longtime players.

New Synchro Monsters!

Stardust Warrior is the cover card and one of the two ultra cards in the structure deck! It is a fantastic Synchro monster to counter special summons. Special summoning is a focal point for every deck these days. You will have a major advantage in the match if you can stop your opponent from special summoning monsters. He has one more powerful effect to help you stay in the game! You can special summon a level eight or lower warrior Synchro monster after Stardust Warrior is destroyed or leaves the field due to a card’s effect. Losing him in battle is not a huge lost as you can play a backup monster in Stardust Warrior’s place.

We can’t have a powerful card like Stardust Warrior without a good supporting cast! Two more Synchro monsters join Stardust Warrior in your new structure deck. Jet Warrior’s ability returns an opponent’s card from the field to their hand! Accel Synchron can change its level to properly scale itself to Synchro summon nearly any monster that you want. Use this card to quickly Synchro summon into your deck’s best Synchro monster.

New Synchro Support!

Synchron Extreme is also filled with a few new cards to help us Synchro summon our extra deck’s strongest monsters. Jet Synchron is an awesome card. You can draw a Junk monster card from your deck after you use it to Synchro summon monster, and its second effect brings it back to the field to perform another Synchro summon! It is a great card for maintaining advantage throughout a duel. If you don’t have a tuner on hand, then you can always summon Jet Synchron from your graveyard to the field.

Scrap Fist is a new quick-play spell card to support Junk Warrior. It gives five powerful effects to Junk Warrior. Your opponent cannot activate cards or effects until the end of battle. He destroys a monster at the end of the battle step. Your opponent takes double damage from his attack. You can do piercing damage. Finally, Junk Warrior cannot be destroyed by battle. It is not a very playable card. Junk Warrior does not have a series or archetype at the moment. It’s a lone wolf at the moment. Scrap Fist can be a better card when option Junk Warrior monsters are released in the future. I hope we don’t have to wait to long for it to happen.


I’m very pleased with the reprints. Effect Veiler and Solemn Warning are great reprints for every player. Effect Veiler needed a common reprint to have easier excess to play her. It is also an extra tuner for your new deck! Solemn Warning is a great trap in every deck. I’ve needed to get my hands on one. It stops your opponent from making a play that could change the game in his or her favor.

The Final Word

Overall, Synchron Extreme is a nice structure deck. Newcomers and veteran players should buy a copy at their local card shop. Synchron Extreme is a fine tuned structure deck with a box full of new and powerful cards. It brings back past memories of the Synchro era, and upgrades retro decks with new cards such as Stardust Warrior and Jet Warrior! The reprints are pretty sweet as well! Be sure to pick up a Synchron Extreme Structure Deck!

Structure Deck Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

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