Potential Archetypes For Future Structure Decks

Konami has upgraded many classic archetypes such as Cyber Dragon, Lightsworn, Six Samurai, and Elemental Heroes in structure decks over the past two years. Nearly all of these structure decks made these archetypes relevant in the game again. Players always love new structure decks with their favorite archetypes. Some of my favorite archetypes have not received support in a very long time, and a structure deck is fitting for them. Sometimes it just takes one structure deck to turn one archetype around like Heroes. Other favorites have received some support in booster sets, and reprints with new support is always great.


Konami has stayed far away from Prophecy since they banned the abomination Spellbook of Judgement. The archetype is in need of new support as it is falling behind new and old archetypes. Konami must be careful when creating new cards to avoid another horrible format with one deck dominating in the name of Prophecy. The deck already has very good searching and special summoning skills. Prophecy can use some better XYZ monsters. A ranked 4 XYZ Prophecy monster can be very viable as the archetype has many level four monsters.

Dark Magician

Yugi is the face of the franchise. It is fitting for his signature monster to have a new structure deck. Konami recently has been creating new support for the Dark Magician in Dragons of Legend and promo releases. This release has plenty of potential to be a huge money maker. A Dark Magician structure deck would be one of the biggest hyped decks in the game’s history. Nostalgia always conquer competitiveness in trading card games. Dragons of Legend was so underprinted that reprints of the cards from the booster set would be great for players as well.


Harpie Ladies have also been getting a lot of new support in recent sets. Harpies are much better than they once were before the XYZ era. Mai Valentine’s Harpy Lady deck can now easily crush Joey Wheeler’s horrible deck of random cards. There is still a lot to improve on for the archetype. Older cards such as Harpie Lady 1, 2, and 3 can be redesigned to be better cards by removing “This card’s name is always treated as “Harpie Lady”.” from their effect. A new field spell would be nice as well to give players more options.


Players have been wanting new support for Toons. Their theme is very cool. They can attack your opponent directly if he or she does not have a Toon monster. Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon is able to directly deal an impressive 3000 damage! The archetype never was able to be competitive because the monsters are too dependent on Toon World. The majority of Toon monsters will be destroyed once Toon World leaves the field. Future support needs to make Toon monsters less dependent on Toon World and be able to stay on the field without the continuous spell card.

Ice Barrier

The archetype that is the most desperate for better cards is Ice Barrier. The deck is very slow, inconsistent, and struggles to maintain hand advantage. Their Synchro monsters are very lackluster.  Gungnir, Dragon of the Ice Barrier destruction skill is unimpressive because you must discard cards to use its skill to destroy up to two of your opponent’s cards, and Dewloren, Tiger King of the Ice Barrier does not give you any long-term advantage. Ice Barrier needs nearly everything a good deck has to be playable. A structure deck can fix some of Ice Barriers’ problems for they can be consistent.

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