News: Raditz Unleashed!

Raditz is the latest main personality revealed for Heroes and Villains! I am glad to see Raditz return in DBZ TCG with more powerful abilities. He is one of three Saiyan villains in the first two sets. Goku’s older brother is often overlooked because Frieza, Cell, and Kid Buu are the series’s most talked about villains. Raditz also never made a special appearance in Hell. His whereabouts in the after life are unknown.


Raditz’s specialty is banishing cards, playing Setups and Drills, and quickly gaining anger. Raditz is the Drill and Setup general. His second and fourth levels’ powers are based around Drills and Setups. Raditz starts with having draw power at Level 1. Raditz Level 2 can quickly reach Level 3 by using his power combined with the Saiyan Empowered Mastery.  His level 3 personality is very annoying. He forces opponents to discard a card from their hands when entering combat. One less card in combat means one less attack or defensive stance during combat. His level 4 abilities work side by side in perfect harmony. Use a critical damage skill to search your Life or discard pile for a Setup or Drill and place it into play. Now you can activate his first skill by rejuvenating a card from your discard pile. 

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