Card Fighter Spotlight: Kourin Tatsunagi

Welcome to my new series Card Fighter Spotlight! I am will be analyzing and judging the characters from the Cardfight!! Vanguard anime! Be on the lookout for the Yu-Gi-Oh! Edition Duelist Spotlight!
Kourin Tatsunagi is considered to be a strong and respectable fighter. Is it because of her skills or her status as a pop star? Kourin currently uses a Jewel Knight themed Royal Paladin deck and has used other decks such as Angel Feather and Garmore themed Royal Paladin decks. Kourin has an overall record of 3-7.
In addition, Kourin’s most impressive skill is her ability to create powerful formations. This skill is very critical because both her of Royal Paladin decks focus on gaining power in numbers. She impressively created the blizzard formation with her Garmore deck during her battle against Kai. She also creates powerful formations with her Jewel Knights.
Furthermore, she doesn’t appear to know much about many clans and units. She was surprised by Kai’s ability to completely destroy her blizzard formation in one turn by retiring 3 rear guard Snogals with his units’ kills. Due to her lack knowledge she is unable to interfere with an opponent’s strategy. Knowing clans’ themes and units’ abilities are essential to the game. Knowing our opponent’s possible strategy is a huge advantage. It allows you to interfere and possibly prevent an opponent’s plan.

Another major problem is her winning image. Her path to victory is very limited. She doesn’t give herself many options in her decks. Her Jewel Knight deck focuses on break riding Leading Jewel Knight, Salome above Pure Heart Jewel Knight, Ashley. Her Garmore deck solely relies on Fang of Light, Gamore’s ability to gain power with Snogal and Brugal on the field. Neither of her Royal Paladin decks have multiple options like Aichi’s Royal Paladin decks. One of Aichi’s Royal Paladin decks had King of Knights, Alfred, Solitary Knight, Gancelot and Soul Saver Dragon as winning options.

Overall, I’m not impressed with Kourin. Kourin isn’t a very good card fighter. In fact I think she is average. That’s only because she understands how to create a strong offense. She is recognized as a strong player because of her social status as a pop star. There isn’t a reason to justify her as a strong fighter. Furthermore, it doesn’t help her case when her win percentage is barely above Morikawa’s who has a 6-15 record. Her two biggest problems are lack of knowledge about different clans’ units and her weak winning image. Kourin has a long ways to go to truly become a strong fighter.

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